Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015: Wishful Thinking Again

Happy New Year!  My Guy and I toasted each other with a glass of champagne followed by a kiss.  Hope your New Year's celebration was full of good cheer.  

Have you made plans for 2015?  I've spent the last few days contemplating what my focus should be in the sewing room for the next 12 months. 

Quilt Goals
1.  Finish 9 quilts in 2015, 5 UFOs and 4 2014 WIPs.  
          The quilts on the "to be finished" list have been added to the
          tab above labeled "2015 Quilt Plan". My plan is to link up
          with a Lovely Year of Finishes each month in hopes that will
          keep me motivated.

2.  Start 5 new quilts this year.
            A new scrap challenge quilt - Twinkle Stars
            The Bonnie Hunter Mystery when it comes out
            Three quilts to be given to DT's friends at graduation in
                  spring 2017.  If I start now, I might just finish all 6 by

3.  Use stash fabrics in any new quilts, minimize buying new
     Use 50 yards of fabric during the year

4.  Spend at least 15 minutes a week working on hand stitching

That's it for the stitching related goals. The sewing room needs some clean up.  I need to put up all the Christmas wrapping stuff that's under the sewing table and deal with a few piles of scraps that are hard to see in the photo.    

Plus the stash closet needs a bit of work as well.

The shelf on the left is nicely organized, but the shelf at the back still needs some work.  All the fabric in the floor needs to be washed and/or pressed.   No specific goals in these areas, but I'm hoping to make some progress in both areas over the course of the year.  

I do have plans to work on my photography skills this year as well.  So you'll see a few more photography related posts in 2015.  The last and least favorite improvement area is to take better care of myself, which means making some big changes to my exercise habits and diet.  Those are by far the hardest goals to adhere to as the year goes on, but it's past time I made some changes.  

For today, the plan is to work on the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt this afternoon since she did the big reveal at midnight last night. Wishing you and yours a very happy 2015.    


lesleyworth said...

Your goals sound very doable! Happy New Year!


Lynne said...

That's quite a comprehensive list. I agree that health related goals seem to be the hardest to reach!

Denise :) said...

Great goals you've set . . . I've got faith in you! Now it's just a matter of setting my own . . . not quite sure where I'm going this year! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the way you welcomed in the new year. Good plan for your WIPs, and I LOVE your sewing room. How nice to have such a big space. And your fabric closet.... Drool!