Sunday, January 18, 2015

Stash Report - Third Week of 2015

It's been a busy weekend.  Drama Teen and three of her friends celebrated their 16th birthdays together starting Friday night through a good part of Saturday.  All four have birthdays within a month of each other.  The first had her birthday just before Christmas, DT's was a week ago and the last two will turn 16 this week. DT had decided rather than cake that the girls would make brownie sundays to celebrate, but one of the mother's brought by a cake for the girls to share.      

They were all had a lot of fun claiming their part of the car.  Besides looking good, it was pretty tasty as well. 

With all the festivities, I didn't get much time in the sewing room this weekend so there's not much going on with the stash report.  

Used last week:  0.67 yards
Used in January: 1.77 yards

Though I'm not reporting incoming, nothing was added this week.  So I'm on the positive side of the stash busting equation.  I've been deleting all the fabric shop emails in hopes of staving off temptation.  I have lots of pretty fabrics in my stash and lots of UFOs that if finished will take care of some of that fabric.  So that's the focus this year.  I'm hoping to get in some quality stitching time this afternoon.  

I'm linking up with Patchwork Times.  Hop over there for more stash reports.  


  1. Good job resisting temptation! We can do it!

  2. Oh, that cake is just too cute! I have also be unsubscribing to fabric emails. Good job on the numbers. No additions are always a plus unless needed to complete a project.

  3. What a neat cake. I've always wondered what fondant icing tastes like. Good to know it's tasty. You are doing well with your stash busting. Good for you.

  4. Happy birthday DT. Squids birthday party was this weekend I'm still recovering ten 12 year olds in a pool was a bit much. But fun was had by all. My sewing has taken a hit also this week but deadlines loom so this week it's nose to grindstone.

  5. Love the cake! ~Melanie

  6. That's a great cake. Happy 16 to the girls!

  7. Oh the fun of having teeagers around!!! Looks the girls continue to have a great time together.

  8. What a great cake for a group of 16 year old girls. A belated happy birthday to DT.


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