Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Stash Report of 2015

We live in a small town.  It's a company town, most of our neighbors either work for the same company we do or the other big company in town.  For the most part we're pretty urban, it's not a farming community which is more typical in rural Oklahoma.  So it was rather surprising when one day Drama Teen stated that she'd seen a chicken running down the street.  We gave her grief for the next week or so, till we saw a group of neighborhood men chasing something through the neighborhood with a net.

There really was a rooster running the streets.  Animal Control came out and we thought that was the end of it.  But the rooster is back.  He likes our rose bushes and can often be found hiding out in them during the day.  Drama Teen has dubbed him Roger.   Not sure where he came from, but the neighborhood seems to have adapted to his presence.  His crowing is the first thing we hear in the morning.  Adds a unique ambiance to the neighborhood.

Moving on to the real topic of this post, I do have a stash report this week. The outgoing and incoming was reset to zero on January 1, so this week I've only got 3 days of stash usage to report.

Used year to date:  0.72 yards

I'm going to stick with just reporting the outgoing as I did the end of last year.  I way over did on the incoming last year, so I'm on a strict fabric diet this year, so there should be nothing to report on the incoming anyway.   Besides with 22 quilts on my "in progress" list, it's time to finish off a few quilts. So there aren't plans to start many quilts this year.   

I'm linking up with Patchwork Times weekly stash report.  Check out all the links there to see how happy everyone is that the stash meter has been reset for 2015.  


  1. Plans are often foiled by life or set us up for failure. Instead, plan on making one quilt from your stash this year rather than planning none. If you plan on finishing two "in progress" quilts a month, then you have a month to make something new.

  2. I think a lot of us are planning on finishing our "in progress" quilts this year.

    Roger is probably lonely, he would probably like a companion!

  3. I think after a couple years of the NewFO, it's time for a UFO year for many of us. ;) And a rooster! Ha! We did live in a farm town in OK and had turkey's on our street. I kind of miss that!

  4. Roger certainly is a handsome rooster! I wish I lived where I could have a rooster for my hens, but, as you know, roosters are a little loud! LOL

  5. Country came to town! LOL! Roger *is* handsome. And I love the sound of crowing in the morning! Nice usage ... keep it up! :)

  6. It reminds me of classes where you start off with an A and can only go down from there .. did that come out right? Anyway good luck with the stash busting this year ...

    Roger Rooster? He's a good looking rooster (not that I have much to compare).

  7. That is so funny. Wonder where he came from? He's a pretty bird. Our neighbor used to have chickens with one rooster and it wasn't so harmonious when he started crowing at 2 or 3 a.m. It was really loud.

    You just reminded me that I was going to start posting a stash report again. I love a fresh start.

    Don't feel you have to reply to my posts when they have nothing you need to need to answer. I know what a pain it is when there is no email.

  8. Your male rooster is so pretty. Hope he finds a warm place since it's very cold this week. Maybe you could let him sleep in your garage. I'm with you about finishing some UFOs this year.

  9. That is too funny! Where did he come from? I hear roosters at 4 am when I get up, but have not seen them around my neighborhood.

  10. He's a good looking rooster!

    Keeping track of outgoing sounds like fun but, since I'm using only scraps, I'd have to do it by weight and that sound like too much bother!


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