Monday, January 26, 2015

Tuesday Archives - Mystery Quilts

When I read Val's prompt for this week's Tuesday Archives I completely blanked on the name of the first mystery quilt I made.   That made it a bit hard to find on the blog. I read through all my blog labels, but nothing seemed to ring any bells.   I finally had to go back to my digital quilt catalog to figure out what I'd named that quilt. 

After a bit of scrolling through the document I finally found the right page.  

Oh yeah, I remember now, Old Fashioned Mystery.  Armed with the name, I found the original blog post (here).  This quilt was finished the during my first year as a blogger.  Old Fashioned Mystery ended up going to a niece for her 21st birthday.  I was stitching the binding on when were were home for Thanksgiving and she commented how much she liked it. Little did she know that with those words that she was offering it a good home.  She was pretty surprised when she opened it later that year, but she was quite happy with it.  She promised me that it would be her cuddle quilt when she was reading.     

For more historical quilting perspectives, check out this week's Tuesday Archives Post over at Val's Quilting Studio.   


  1. How fun to have such a happy recipient. Your quilt is beautiful.

  2. Oh how sweet. It is always nice knowing your qullt is going to someone who already loves it. Nice story

  3. So wonderful when a quilt is loved and appreciated!


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