Tuesday, May 8, 2012

15 Minute Challenge - May 8th

Finding 15 minutes to sew every day can be a challenge.  Back in February 2011 my goal was to finish more than one or two quilt tops a year.  I had all these ideas in my head, not to mention a pretty extensive stash that was just sitting there.  The problem then was just getting comfortable in the recliner with the computer and convincing myself I was too tired to sew.  That tendency hasn't gone away, but comes and goes.  The "to tired" syndrome struck again for most of the first 4 months this year.   Was it the weather, stress, or just needing to take a break and let the quilting rest for a bit?  Probably all of the above.  A few others have noted lulls in their creativity.  Maybe it's just a natural cycle.  Just as you can't be deliriously happy all the time, maybe you can't intensively creative all the time either?   

Getting into the sewing room each evening has been much easier the last couple of weeks.  Maybe it's the longer days and the warmer weather.  Even two rounds of the sinus crud haven't kept me out of the sewing room much.  I only missed one day this week and that was due to Drama Teen's School Activity Banquet last Wednesday.  We just got home too late to make the detour to the sewing room.  

So not a bad week at all. 

How was your week?  Have the longer days given you reason to sew?  Or are you in a part of the world where the colder days are making you more willing to while away a few minutes here and there with your machine?  Either way, link up and share how your creative life is going these days. 

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2. libbyQ
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4. Kate
5. June @ QuiltQuest

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seabreezequilts said...

Our days are getting shorter, so more time to be inside and stitch. I have found the mojo again after dabbling in a couple of things other than quilting and keeping my creativity going that way. Great week, hope that sinus stays at bay.

Denise :) said...

It's true...when the days get shorter, the time to spend in the sewing room increases! Unfortunately for me, our days are getting longer!! Good numbers for you this week, though!! :)

libbyquilter said...

yes, i think you're right. sometimes things just have a rhythym of their own. i'm glad that you are feeling better and doing more sewing.

the longer daylight time is actually making it a bit harder for me to sew as i have a tendency to want to take advantage of those longer days and be in the garden which leaves much less time and energy for anything else. i may just have to accept that i will only get the 15 minutes on these long summer days and i'll not even get that if i don't plan well and remain very disciplined. the summer will be a big test of my 15 minute challenge habit.


Larri said...

My days will get longer once school is finished! ☺ I'm always inspired by what you accomplish in a small amount of time. I can't wait to get back into a regular sewing schedule. Happy Tuesday! ☺

Marti said...

The recliner calls to me too. Once I sit in it, I'm stuck to it like glue. But you had a good week. 6 out of 7 is pretty fantastic in my book.

Keep Stitchin' said...

Definitely the longer daylight hours helps!! I love how I can get up nice and early with ease and get all my usual daily stuff early, then have a good chunk of the day left to sew. I realize I work from home, but I have no doubt that it would help as well if I didn't. You got a lot done last year!
I'm pretty happy, considering that I haven't really set any official sewing goals this year, I seem to be making progress on UFO's and am pretty sure I will find some time in the near future to start working on some new projects. Sometimes being able to complete a small project in a short period of time really encourages me to work on other things. Trudy

Shay said...

I've been a bit of a slug this week. I had high hopes and big plans at the start of the week but none of that has actually happened. Im just hanging out now for Friday and a whole day of sewing.

You did good Kate!

PJ said...

Hey, i think you had a pretty darn good week with your sewing. Very good since you've had the sinus crud that is going around. I didn't didn't hardley even try to get sewing done knowing the mistakes I tend to make when I don't feel so good.

scraphappy said...

Enjoy the creative energy while it visits, nobody can be at full productivity all the time. Glad you are on a good streak.

Jaye said...

I had started keeping track of my "15 minutes" plus on Monday...and have through today...is Wednesday the post day??? Do you keep track Thursday thru Wednesday...then post?