Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stash Report - May 20th

Is really Sunday already?  It's been a busy weekend, Drama Teen had a swim meet and a dance.  Some sewing got done yesterday, just not much.  I've been sewing all week, but most of that involved sewing the rows together for the Fat Quarter Stars Quilt and I've already counted all that fabric.  So this week's numbers are a bit anemic:

Used last week:  0.34 yards
Added last week:  0 yards

Used for 2012: 16.38 yards
Added for 2012: 156 yards

Net stashed for 2012: 139.62 yards

Nothing in, a little out is a good week for me.  Unfortunately, I've been pressing buttons again.  I had planned to piece the back for the FQS quilt from the left over yardage.  There is not much left over, so I ended up ordering some fabric for the back.  I did get lucky there, Connecting Threads still had one of the fabrics left from the collection (the name of the fabric collection escapes me at the moment).  Even better it was on sale.  That yardage should go out of the stash almost as soon as it comes in.  

The final borders on the FQS are wide, so next week's numbers should be better.  Have a great Sunday.  I'm linking up with Judy over at Patchwork Times this week as usual. 


Kate said...

Yay for getting a top together! That means you're close to the big finish!

Barbara said...

Good for you getting a top finished. I love Connecting Threads. Such good prices.

Shay said...

Thank Goodness for wide borders.

You cant help it if you slip Late. I thought we'd settled this!