Friday, May 25, 2012

Favorite Things Friday - A Special Treat

It's a Friday in front of a three day weekend.  Work will be really relaxed as most everyone has taken the day off.  A productive day of  work then three days off, one of which will be a personal quilting retreat in my sewing room.  That's good enough to be a favorite thing, but I actually picked something else for this week.  But that's definitely a thought for next week.

Drama Teen had been struggling with algebra the last quarter and had been getting up early in the mornings to get to school so she could work with the teacher.  A true sacrifice for a teen who clings to every second of "in bed" time she can every morning.  Plus she's been asking for help from Mom and Dad. The "and Dad" is significant as she absolutely hates having to get his help on anything, but specifically when it's math.  As she puts it, "Dad has a math degree, I don't." Final grades arrived in yesterday's mail.  DT cringed when I showed her the envelope.   It wasn't so bad, in fact her algebra grade exceeded even her expectations.  She asked if the grades were worthy of a trip to Jareds'. 

In my book there's not much that's not worthy of a trip to Jareds'.  After dinner and My Guy's bike ride, we piled in the car and drove over.  I got my favorite,

a carmel concrete (carmel mixed with soft serve ice cream).  My Guy got his favorite,

A berry concrete.  What about the Drama Teen? 

She had half of hers eaten before I could get my camera out. 

So soft serve from Jareds' and having a teen who will put forth the extra effort when needed are my favorite things this week.  To be honest, DT is pretty much always a favorite thing, well at least until I look in her bedroom. 

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Kate said...

Yay for good grades and ice cream!

Lynne said...

Congratulations DT on your great effort and the results that showed the work you put in.

I gave up looking (at my DD's bedroom)!

I wanted to be a maths and science teacher but I needed help with trigonometry and physics, particularly vectors, was a bit of a struggles so in the end I settled for primary school teaching!

Unknown said...

That is such good news! It's hard for a teen to give up time in bed (in the morning anyways!) so it means she was working super hard. Well deserved treat! Great FTF.

Larri said...

Excellent favourites this week. Congrats on hard work paying off! And, oh, how I miss concretes. They don't have them in SC. Enjoy your 3-day weekend! I'm hoping to stitch one day away too. Happy Friday, friend! ☺

Kirsten's Cooking said...

Great job to your daughter! I think it's great that she's willing to work hard :)

the concretes look awesome!!! is there a peanut butter one?

Michelle Ridgway said...

Sounds and looks like a well deserved ice cream to me. Well done.

seabreezequilts said...

My daughter freaks out when my hubby tries to help her with maths, he always makes things more complicated than they need to be (i didn't tell you that by the way) and she just can't cope with it. Great achievement for DT though, its great when all the hard work pays off in the end.

thea said...

It's always great when grades are better than expected .. certainly worthy of a treat!

Shay said...

Good on DT! Im so happy she got a better grade than she was expecting.

And frankly is there any better way to celebrate than with something cold and ice-cream like? I don't think so!