Tuesday, May 29, 2012

15 Minute Challenge - May 29th

Only two more days left in May!  How did that happen?  Does the end of the month sneak up on you?  I'm acutally not in too bad a shape.  May has been a good month for progress on my quilt projects.  Hopefully that will continue into June.  I know many people sew less in the summer, I sew more (I think it's the black thumb, gardening just doesn't pay off when you have one of those).  The end of June signals mid-year.  I've been looking over my quilting goals for this year and have a lot of work to do if I want to be on track.  If I'll be diligent about keeping to my 15 minutes a day of sewing time, I shouldn't be in too bad a shape by time the end of June rolls around.

This week was really good, I managed 6 out of 7 days where some type of action occurred in the sewing room.

How about you?  Did you find some time to sew over the holiday weekend?  How are you doing on your sewing goals, on track or way off track?  

1. Amanda
2. Barb H
3. libbyQ
4. PJ - off Avondale Rd
5. Thea
6. Shay
7. Kate
8. June @ QuiltQuest

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seabreezequilts said...

Good week all round by the looks of it.

Lynne said...

Yes, the end of the month does tend to sneak up on me. why is that, I wonder?

thea said...

The end of the month sneaks up on me too. It seems like it was just the 15th and now it's over.

Great week for sewing!

Barb H said...

The older I get the faster time flies by. I'm so old that some days, I'm going at warp speed! :)

libbyquilter said...

i was just thinking the same thing about the end of the month catching me by surprise and to think that we are almost at mid-year . . . how did that happen already~?!~

as far as being on track, i think i'm doing okay. so many projects to keep track of but i have kept the new beginnings to a bare minimum and the 15 minute challenge helps keep me organized and on target with the wip's which is exactly what i was hoping for.

thanks again Kate for hosting the 15 minute challenge.


PJ said...

Good for you. You've had a good week. Me not so much. But I'm looking forward to summer, nice weather and being outside. I'm taking a Summer Vacation and I'll see you in the Fall.

Chris said...

Not only are there just two days left in May, my youngest child turns 19 tomorrow!!! Now how did THAT happen? LOL

Shay said...

Great effort Kate. I usually manage to sew a lot more in winter. Im a footy widow for 6 months of the year and I have to find something to amuse myself.

I cant believe it's almost June already!