Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stash Report - End of 2011

Happy New Year!  We made it till the ball dropped, then all three of us sleep walked through our bed time rituals and were pretty much asleep by 12:30 AM. 

I spent much of the evening in my sewing room. It was supposed to have been most of the afternoon as well, but a sudden headache put an end to that.  I didn't get much sewing done, but I took some time to put up fabric from some completed projects, deal with the scraps, etc.  Now I'm ready to start some new projects as well as work on my four remaining UFOs. 

Judy has her stash report labeled as Week #1, but I'd rather keep my tally by calender year, so this report will cover the last 2 weeks of 2011 (due to holiday travel, I wasn't able to report last week).  So how did I end up for 2011? 

Used last 2 weeks: 7.21 yards
Added last 2 weeks: 34 yards

Used for 2011: 60.79 yards
Added for 2011: 104.12 yards

Net stashed for 2011:  43.33 yards

Not a bad year all in all.  I used just over 60 yards, which is more than I used in 2010.  I bought about a third of what was purchased in 2010 and in the end enhanced the stash by less than 50 yards.  Not bad for a year where stash reduction was the goal.  I'm happy with the stash management of the last year.  Not a reduction as planned, but not a huge increase either. 

I did add 34 yards this last week.  Mainly because as I contemplated my list of new projects for 2012, I realized I had some holes in my stash.  I'm really short on large cuts of tone on tones to use with all the gorgeous focus fabrics I tend to buy.  So I used the sales going on the week after Christmas to fill that gap. 

Pretty purples.  Which may get used to finish the purple and yellow scrap quilt or may get used with the scraps from that project. 

Sale tone on tones to help fill the gaps in my stash.  These were all on sale.

Added to the Christmas fabric stash too.  Hard to resist 50% off. 

This last year was about stash reduction and limiting purchases.  For 2012, the focus will be on using fabric, completing projects rather than limiting purchases.  Though I've set a target of no more than 100 yards of "just because I like it fabric".   Fabric needed to complete UFOs, WIPs or quilts on my 2012 project list will not be counted in that 100 yards.  We'll see how that approach works for the next year. 

How did you do in 2011?  Did you get a good start on 2012?  Check out Judy's Patchwork times for more stash talk. 


krisgray said...

Lovely sale buys! I, too, need to get to using up my fabric but I also need to bring less than 100 yards into my house in 2012 - lol! Happy New Year!

SpinningStar said...

Good report!

I like your approach of setting a limit for "because" fabric, since we all need that fabric sometimes. And buying fabric to do backing for completed projects just doesn't add to the stash enhancement.

You did good with the new fabric - I like it all.


Marti said...

It looks to me that you accomplished your goal of decreasing your stash. I love those Christmas fabrics; they are really calling to me. Must. Have. Willpower. I didn't even think about shopping Christmas sales this year, decorations or fabric. Now I'm wishing I had checked out the local quilt store.

Shay said...

Love those Christmas fabrics!

You know you’re my hero for your stash busting efforts in 2011 right? I bet you blitz that 100 yard goal easily. (unlike some of us !)

Im going to work on my WIP’s too but Im not promising to finish them all before I start anything else .....

Donna said...

Great purchases! Fabric with dots is really in right now. They are some of my favorites.

Lynne said...

You did very well. Lovely fabric purchases - I love the purple!

DD and I are going to start the new year right - we're going to a fabric sale tomorrow! LOL

Kate said...

I love the new fabrics! Great basics to work into your quilts. And who can resist after-Christmas sales?