Saturday, January 28, 2012

Foto Finish - White

It's another swim meet weekend, so not much time to write a post this morning.  Warm up starts at 7:30 and Drama Teen has to report to her coach 15 minutes before the team is scheduled to be in the water.  Add in time to shower, eat, get DT up, and I really do need to get moving into today's topic. 

Barbara over at Cat Patches has proposed "white" as today's topic for Foto Finish.  My first thought was maybe to go for a snow shot.  We've not had much white stuff this year, but about this time last year, we had plenty.    

It's now late afternoon and I'm just now getting back to this post.  The fire alarms went off in the hotel at about 6 AM.  Evacuation was required.  We got DT up,  grabbed what we could carry and left.  They couldn't find the source of the alarm so we couldn't go back in.  The only option seemed to be proceed to DT's swim meet.    Ten hours later we are back and since the hotel seems undamaged I would assume it must have been a false alarm. 

So what did I plan to post for Foto Finish?  A white ...

... rose.  Roses are such beautiful flowers and they are so photogenic.  Never found one yet that looked "bad" in a photo. 

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Lynne said...

I'm glad it was a false alarm!

Lovely photo! I love roses but the bushes aren't as pretty as the flower!

momto8 said...

flowers always make things brighter...wishing you a peaceful and uneventful Sunday!

Barbara said...

That is simply gorgeous, Kate. Sounds like a busy morning!

Shay said...

That should be on a postcard or greeting card Kate.

Lovely! (Reminds me of a wedding )