Tuesday, January 3, 2012

15 Minute Challenge - Welcome to 2012

It's back to work for me today.  The first week of vacation was really rushed with all the holiday preparations.  The second week was much more relaxed with lots of time for sewing.  So I did really well this week in finding time to sew. 

I did more than just 15 minutes each day, but that's going to be harder this week with work and Kiddo's practice schedule.  There is a swim meet this next weekend and a volleyball tournament the weekend after.  Thankfully both events are local, so at least there is no out of town travel.  But finding time on the weekends is going to be a challenge for a few weeks.   

If I'm honest, the biggest impediment to getting to my sewing room is the computer.  It's so easy once I get home to just sit in the recliner, read blogs and answer email.  Then I convince myself I'm too tired to sew and spend more time on the computer.  So the computer is going off at 8 PM leaving me at least an hour to sew each night.   

So what keeps you out of the sewing room?   Link up and share your thoughts on that, as well as how much crafting time you were able to carve out for yourself over the last week. 

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2. Marti
3. Thea
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Pat said...

Way to go Kate! I know what you mean about the computer. Speaking of which, do I recognize the snowflakes in your report?

Larri said...

You've been such an inspiration, Kate! I've been able to carve out more time because of your 15-min posts.

I've done more sewing in the last couple of weeks because of the holidays. Our regular schedule resumes tomorrow. My plan is to sew during the boys online classes. That should give me at least 30 minutes to work on a project. Fingers-crossed. ☺

Unknown said...

Hi Kate, Wishing you and family a prosperous 2012! All The Best, Loretta

Marti said...

I totally agree about the computer. It keeps me from doing a lot of things I need to do, even posting on my blog.

But now a fresh start and I hope to keep up with it better this year.

Shay said...

Little P and my own inertia kept me out of the sewing room this week!

While Im on holidays Ive set myself the goal of being off the computer (and actually dressed ) within two hours of getting up. Otherwise I just know Im going to sit here all day doing nothing.

Denise :) said...

Haha! The computer is my biggest impediment in a lot of areas. Not sure I should be laughing about that. Oh well. LOL! I shared your blog on our guild's mailing list. Several folks commented about setting aside daily time to sew as their 2012 resolutions. :)

Lynne said...

It's not what keeps me out of the sewing room, it's what distracts me in there - my computer!!

landscapelady said...

Thanks for getting me to think on this and I have made a plan, now to stick to it;-)