Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stash Report - January 29th

Not much sewing going on this weekend, but that's typical for swim meet weekends.  I did manage to get into the sewing room most evenings this last week.  I've been working on the McCall's Quilting Magazine Mystery quilt and that has used a bit of fabric. 

Used last week: 1.42 yards
Added last week:  0 yards

Used for 2012:  3.02 yards
Added for 2012: 22.5 yards

Net stashed for 2012:  19.48 yards

On the down side, I'm still in the red.  But on the up side, I've used more fabric than I did in January 2011, plus the net stashed has dropped below 20 yards.  So more good than bad going on with the report. 

Check out Patchwork Times to see how the rest of the world is doing with stash management. 


  1. Does sound like your stash usage is better than last year. I have never done a mystery quilt, it always sounds fun, I just want to know what I am making.

  2. Great job of making lemonade out of possible lemons!

  3. I remember when my kids were on swim team and water polo - fun times. Hard to be using your stash when you are away every weekend. You will soon be back in the black.

  4. Great job on busting some stash this week. In no time that negative number will be in the black!

  5. I'll probably hate myself, but I'm considering joining in on a different mystery quilt. I'll have to see how much I can get done in February before I make my decision. You still have plenty of time to bust that stash.

  6. I like that - better than last year!! Good goal! Enjoy the water ;-)

  7. My thinking is, as long as you're happy with the results, that's all that matters, right?! :)

  8. I am toying with the idea of only making quilt fronts from stash fabric this year (See- that doesnt rule out buying any new stuff )

    Better than last year is good...

  9. You're doing ok - the stuff you got was all good for the enhancement phase since you filled in color holes.

    Hope the swim meets were fun!



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