Saturday, February 11, 2023

Week 59 Photo Challenge: Something Metal

 This is photography post number three this week. I'll be back to quilting stuff tomorrow.  This week's photo card was definitely easier to work with than last week's. All three of us were able to get some fun photos for this card.

I played with several different subjects for this week's challenge.  There was a potential shot found on one of my Art of Seeing walks. But I decided to go with a photo of an object that sits on the breakfast nook table and is just such a part of everyday life that it tends to get overlooked. 

Kate: Metal Plates


This is a "bowl" made of bicycle chains.  It was a Christmas gift to My Guy (who is notoriously hard to buy for) from my sister. We use it to hold paper pads for the grocery list, pens, pencils and other odds and ends that are used when doing the crosswords, writing up recipes, etc.  

My Guy chose a subject from one of his other hobbies for this week's challenge. 

My Guy: Metal for Metal

My Guy plays his acoustic/classical guitars pretty much every day when we are home.  Every once in a while he'll get out one of his electric guitars, plug in the amp and jam for a bit.  The guitar is a BC Rich Mockingbird.   

Grad Girl pulled her photo inspiration from one of her experiments this week.  

Grad Girl: Too Much Pink

The pink color in both liquid phases above is due to potassium permanganate. Potassium is chemically classed as a metal, so is the manganese that is also present in that compound. She was trying to remove the pink color  (the potassium permanganate) from the bottom phase so she could proceed to the next step. 

Grad Girl's photo is my favorite for this week.  I'm looking forward to this week's challenge, it's one I've got lots of subjects to select from.  

How to make it interesting will be the challenge, but I have some thoughts on that.  We may have two weeks on this challenge. My Guy is heading out of town on Monday and won't be back till next Sunday. It depends on how much time he has to get a photo before he leaves. This is a busy weekend, we are judging the junior and senior high science fair projects this morning, then he's helping with another science project for one of the elementary schools in the county.  So there may or may not be a photo challenge post next Saturday.  


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I'm so glad you explained about the bowl made from a bike chain because, of course, my first thought was, why does Kate have a bike chain on her breakfast nook table?! Sounds like a neat gift! Your photos are all so interesting this week. Have fun judging the science fair. That is something I really miss since I retired - teaching science!

Linda said...

Good Lord you guys are so creative! The bike chain bowl is incredible. You all must never be bored when you're together. ;)

Marti said...

All of those pictures are great! I love the focus on your chain picture and the intensity of grad girl's picture.

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Great photo challenge, Kate. They are all so different as well.

Jennifer in Indy said...

Always love the weekly photo challenge and I think all three are winners this week!