Saturday, February 4, 2023

Week 58 Photo Challenge: Recreation of a Movie Scene

There was no post last week for two reasons. First, I was in Fort Worth with Grad Girl. Second, all of us struggled to come up with a subject for this photo challenge card. So we all took another week to see what we could come up with. 


Grad Girl was just too busy with her new teaching schedule, first presentation for group meeting and getting started on her lab research to get a photo for this challenge.  She did try to find something easy, but that didn't pan out.  

My photo isn't actually a recreation, mainly because it's a public place and I couldn't get a photo with no one in it. Plus I don't quite match the right angle, but you do what you can with some of these challenges.  It was a cloudy day and this water feature has aged. When the move was made this "set" was only two years old.  

Kate: Sci Fi?

This is the Fort Worth Water Gardens.  It was also used in a 1976 science fiction film called Logan's Run.  My dad and I were/are big science fiction fans, so I remember this movie.  It's the typical everyone lives in utopia, but only till you are 30 when you have to be "processed" to be "reborn".  In the movie the gardens provide power to the city and are used by the main characters to get back into the city.  Here's a link to the footage for that part of the film. 

My scene isn't from a classic movie, but My Guy went very classic with his photo for the challenge.  

My Guy: Homage

I'm sure most don't need any hints on what scene is recreated here. I heard My Guy banging around upstairs with no idea he was recreating one of Hitchcock's iconic scenes from Psycho.  

My Guy did a second recreation that's not quite as "true" to the picture, but still fun. Since Grad Girl didn't have a photo, I'm going to include it as an honorable mention for this week. 

Honorable Mention My Guy: Just Riding Along

He did a cool recreation of a fun sci fi classic from 1982. 

My Guy was definitely the more creative this week, with two fun photos.  I know he's already got ideas for this week's challenge and so does Grad Girl. I'm going to need to put my thinking cap on firmly to compete with those two for this week's challenge. 


Lots of potential subject matter for this one.  


Marti said...

I didn't know part of Logan's Run was shot in Fort Worth, I thought it was all at the Apparel Mart in Dallas. Very cool photo! Your photo challenges seem to be getting harder now too. Good luck next week.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Those are fun photos! I enjoy seeing how you each get creative for your photo challenges. I haven't heard of the Ft. Worth water gardens, but it looks like a neat place to visit!

Linda said...

Hope you had your fun in Texas before the ice storm hit and delayed flights. Would you believe I never saw Logan's Run? I had no idea it was shot in FW. I am LOL over your Guy "banging around upstairs" to recreate that iconic scene! Theses are such fun posts to read.

Barbara said...

Wonderful. I recognized Psycho the second I saw it.