Sunday, November 3, 2019

Week 44 of 2019: Stitching Stuff

The week has been a bit weird.  It certainly seemed like winter moved in fast with cold north winds and nasty wet weather. We didn't get snow, but it was just so miserable outside.  There weren't a lot of trick or treaters this year, it was so cold out.  At least it's been a good week on the stitching front, finding 15 minutes wasn't too hard most days.

It was a bit of a struggle to get into the sewing room Halloween, but that was the only night where I was running up to the sewing room just before bedtime to get in a few minutes of hand stitching. 

15 minute days/week = 7/7 days
15 minute days/October = 28/31 days
15 minute days/November = 2/2 days
15 minute days/2019 = 275/306 days
Success rate = 89.87%

Actually I've gotten in quite a bit of stitching time this week, I took a day and half of vacation, I've got a few more days that need to be taken before the end of the year or I'll lose them. That should help facilitate some end of the year finishes. 

In spite of all the stitching time, there wasn't a lot of fabric usage for October.  Most of my projects were ones where the fabric had already been counted.  So my stash report is pretty anemic. 

Fabric out for October = 0.84 yards
Fabric out for 2019 = 37.92 yards

Unless I'm able to get a few backs made before the end of the year, it's not likely I'm going to break 50 yards out for 2019.  Linking up with Quiltpaintcreate for the stash report.  

Since it's a new month, I should also give an update on my PHD progress. I do have a finish for November already, but I keep adding projects. 

I've been working along with Quilting Gail, who is just one finish away from earning her PHD this year.  Getting my PHD in 2019 is definitely not happening. 

So how are you doing on your end of year stuff?  You can link up below to share how well you did at finding time to stitch last week. 

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Donna said...

Something out is better than nothing out. Sometimes finishing large projects is more important than the numbers.

chrisknits said...

I am sucking at the yardage game, so I will just give up for this year and focus on finishes and fun!

DawnyK said...

Getting any UFO's done is progress! You are doing great.

Marti said...

Just the fact that you are still plugging away in all areas is commendable. I really like your charts and was thinking the other day that I need to come up with a reasonable plan for 2020. Moving a sewing machine downstairs is probably my first step. Good luck with all your plans this quarter.

Jennifer said...

I always love your charts! It was a super cold and snowy Halloween here and we didn’t have any kids stop by, which means we still have candy by the front door! Good news is that it isn’t the ones I like, so not tempting me too much :) Hope you had a good stitching week this week too! Always nice at the end of year to use up vacation days - I still have 8 to take!!!