Wednesday, April 11, 2018

2018 Finish Along - Second Quarter Projects

This year is supposed to be all about finishing up a few UFOs.  My plan was drafted back in December, twelve finishes for 2018.  I was so optimistic linking up with the first quarter of the 2018 Finish-A-Long, there were 4 quilts on my list.  

But here it is the second week of the second quarter and there are no finishes from my list.  😢   It's not that nothing happened, all the projects have been moved along, just not to the finish line. So looking at what's on the list and what's doable this quarter based on what I know is scheduled at work and home, here's the list for this quarter.  

1.  Geek Chic (Chain Reaction), from the first quarter list. 

This quilt is partially bound and will definitely be finished before the end of April. So unlike last quarter, there will be at least one finish this quarter. 

2.  Magnolia Mystery, from the first quarter list

  Magnolia Mystery by Cheryl Brickey of Meadow Mist Designs

The backing is made, the quilt just needs to be prepped for quilting, packed up and sent out for quilting.  I need a weekend for that and March was very shy on free weekends for quilting.  Hopefully April will be better on that front.  This one should get done this quarter.

3.  EnProvence (French Cherry Blossums), from the first quarter list

 En Provence, A Bonnie Hunter Mystery (2016)

This is my April UFO.  It was on last quarter's list as all that was needed was the backing and I had hoped to fit that in somewhere. Didn't happen.  But now the backing is made and plans are to prep it for quilting this weekend, package it up and send it out for quilting next week.  This one should also get finished this quarter.  

4.  Vintage Dresses, from the first quarter list

 Vintage Dresses blocks by Charise Randell, Setting by Kate

This project was my March UFO.  Due to business travel, spring break and several nights where I had homework, this just didn't make it to finished top. The plan was to give this as a graduation quilt. Not sure I can finish it by May, but hopefully I can finish it off this quarter. 

5.  Christmas Angels

 Christmas Angels  Pattern by Kate

This is the last picture of it's status, but I'm pretty sure all the blocks are made, the quilt just needs to be set together, backing made and then sent out for quilting.  Hopefully all that happens in time for me to get it bound before the quarter ends.  

6.  Red, White and Blue Stars

  Red, White and Blue Stars, Setting by Kate

This is my oldest UFO, from 2005.  I still need to make a few more star blocks, plus the alternating blocks.  I doubt this one gets done, but I'll add it on as my stretch goal for the quarter.  

There are some easy finishes on my list and some I'll be really challenged to get finished this quarter.  But even if I don't get things finished progress will be made and that counts for a lot.    

Good luck with your finishing plans for second quarter.  I'm linking up with the 2018 Finish-A-Long over at She Can Quilt.  


Libby in TN said...

You're so close to the end on several of these, you'll probably see a sudden flurry of finishes. Just keep on pluggin'.

Barbara said...

Well, you’ve done a lot! You can be proud of all you’ve accomplished. I’m curious about your red, white, and blue stars...from 2005? Is that correct? Is there a reason it’s been so long in the making? When I have a quilt that goes unfinished for so long, it’s generally because I don’t like it. Your quilt is lovely, so I’m just wondering what’s holding you back.


You are working steadily on all the projects and that is the main goal--and it sounds like you will have at least 3 nice finishes soon--so be encouraged with that--
and I for got the dresses was a graduation gift--did I tell you that I am also graduating--(just not sure from what??) so maybe that quilt can be mine!!!!
happy stitching--enjoy, di

dq said...

You are so generous. I could not give the vintage dress quilt away!

You have a few that are very close to I expect to see several finishes this quarter. As for the harder goals, they are worthy ones that you might get done. I think it is ok to set high goals. For me, it helps me accomplish more than if I didn't.

chrisknits said...

Here's hoping you find that hidden time to allow you get it all done!

MissPat said...

I think you're doing very well. You have several projects close to the finish line. Making progress is better than rushing something just to say it's done. Balancing family, work and quilting is tricky, but you are making it work.

Emily said...

Ooooh, I haven't seen those red & white stars before! So pretty! I know you're frustrated at the lack of finishes from Q1 but you will have several in Q2!

Kathy S. said...

I remember seeing each dress during the RSC. Oh how I just love those dresses!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I so admire your vintage dresses which are so colourful. Maybe they continue to catch my eye because it is still grey and brown spring yet!

Jennifer said...

So close! I bet you will have a good Q2!

Ella said...

So many awesome stars! That dress quilt is going to be AMAZING. On behalf of the FAL crew, good luck!