Tuesday, April 3, 2018

April One Monthly Goal: Backing Up

Hard to believe it's a new month and that it's already April.  Since it is a new month, it's time to decide on this month's One Monthly Goal

For April the plan is to move En Provence off the UFO list.  

En Provence, A Bonnie Hunter Mystery (2016)
En Provence has been a finished flimsy since December 2017.  It needs a backing so it can be sent out for quilting.  The goal for April is to piece a backing using fabric from the top and this focus fabric left over from another project. 

There are 3 to 4 yards left of this geisha fabric sitting in the stash.  It will make a pretty back for En Provence, with the added bonus of moving it out of the stash. Now to figure out a name for this quilt. The Asian themed fabrics don't match Bonnie's French inspired moniker.  

Along with the one monthly goal, I've been setting a priority list each month. Having a ranked list helps me use my sometimes limited quilting time more effectively.  So here's the April priority list:

1.  En Provence - make back, prep for quilting, send out for quilting, bind. 
2.  Geek Chic - finish binding
3.  Magnolia Mystery - prep for quilting, send out for quilting
4.  Vintage Dresses - Finish sashing
5.  Squared Away - finish green blocks, make yellow blocks
6.  Inverted Star - finish green stars, make 5 yellow stars
7.  On Ringo Lake - leaders and enders project

That's quite a list isn't it?  I won't get to all of it.  That's OK, I'm grateful for whatever progress I can make each month.  Though it would really be nice to get some finishes this quarter.  I'm still at zero on that front for 2018.  

Linking up with Patty over at Elm Street Quilts.  Good luck with your OMG and priorities for this month.  


  1. The Asian print will be great for the EP backing. I don't think she's a geisha, though, with hair flowing down her back. But that doesn't help with a name for the quilt....Hope you can check off some of the list, though you probably know already that as soon as a project comes off the top another one adds itself.

  2. The geisha fabric is going to be a great backing fabric for the En Provence quilt! You would have to do some research, but there were actually parts of China/Asia that were French colonies at one point! You could use a name of one of those places for your inspiration!

  3. You can do it!! You can do it!! go go go

  4. That will be pretty, and I love En Provence. You did a nice job choosing your fabrics. I kept my goal small since my sewing machine will be out of commission most of the month.

  5. Sometimes it's hard to see the progress, but consider the size of your projects, you are getting there, just keep swimming!

  6. Yes, that is quite a list but you are so close on several that I'm sure you can do it. I'm looking forward to seeing the dresses quilt finished.

  7. Nice goals and I know that this month you will get a finish for 2018!!
    and some more progress on each of those on your list--you can do it!!
    enjoy, di

  8. I like that you left the yellow out of En Provence. Your palette was a winner. I tried to tone down the yellows, but they still dominated the design.
    How about East meets West as a name for your finish?
    You're monthly plan is certainly ambitious.

  9. Love that backing fabric! Those large print designs make super backings and it's hard to know what else to do with them :)

  10. Congratulations on the finished flimsy. En Provence is beautiful. That is a beautiful focus fabric. I look forward to how you will incorporate that into the back. Wish you luck in your projects. I am just free-styling in April :-)

  11. Love your list. I make lists like that and I'm happy when I get something accomplished. Now to focus on my taxes and getting this T-shirt quilt done. I'll be thrilled.

  12. Good luck with En Provence. That's on my list too, but right at the bottom!

  13. Beautiful backing fabric! No good ideas for name, though. I'm so used to seeing it as En Provence :)

  14. That is going to be an interesting backing! I am curious as to what name the quilt will get as France meets Japan. Even though a list can seem daunting, I like putting it down and maybe in 6 months when you look back and it's all DONE, it feels like holy wow, I did all that!

  15. Great backing and great list! I hope the sewing time works in your favor this month!

  16. That's a pretty impressive list. I really like the geisha fabric for the backing. Allison's side for a name is interesting. I bet that research will yield the perfect inspiration!

  17. Hope you're making progress ...

  18. Very nice! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.


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