Sunday, April 15, 2018

Week 15: Stitching and De-Stashing (Happy Tax Day, US)

Is it really April 15th?  The weather here sure isn't spring-like.  We woke up to sub-freezing temperatures, strong winds and dreary skies.  The strong winds and dreary skies aren't atypical of the season, but the low temp isn't typical.  Though I'm sure this weather reflects the moods of those in the United States who don't have their taxes done.  My Guy has reviewed ours, so all that's left is to write the checks and address the envelopes for mailing. That will take all of 5 minutes. Otherwise my plan for today is to play in the sewing room.  It's too cold to do much else.

It's the fifteenth week of 2018.  A third of the year is almost over!  Wow, how did that happen?  But I'm getting off topic, it's end of the 15th week so it's time to stop and take stock of how much sewing room time we were able to fit in this week. 

I did well this week at finding time to stitch for at least 15 minutes each day.  Here's how the all the stats look as of this week:

Days with stitching time this week:  7 out of 7 days
Days with stitching time this month:  14 out of 14 days
Days with stitching time this year:  96 out of 104 days
Success rate: 92.3%

Having time to stitch has been nice.  The backing for En Provence has been prepped for quilting. The plan is to do the same for the flimsy today.  Since bending over the cutting table takes a toll on my back, I took a break last night from all the prepping and finished the binding in Geek Chic.  I hope to get pictures for tomorrow's post this afternoon if the sun comes out.  You can link up your stitching report at the bottom of the post. 

It was a successful week on the de-stashing front as well. 

Fabric used this week:  5.19 yards  
Fabric used in 2018: 5.58 yards
Fabric purchased this week: 2 yards
Fabric purchased in 2018:  6 yards
Net Fabric out for 2018:  15.77 yards

The incoming fabric is intended to be the border for Vintage Dresses.  Nothing in the stash worked well and I didn't want to just settle.  I did allow myself an incoming stash budget of 20 yards for the year, so I'm still on track with my stash busting goals even with the addition.  Hopefully most of it will be going right back out. Linking up with Quiltpaintcreate for this week's stash report.  

I'll close with a sign of spring in Oklahoma that's typical; the brilliant sunsets we get due to the smoke from all the farmers burning off their fields. 

At least there is something colorful to look at since the flowers haven't really been doing much as yet.  Hopefully we will start to see more signs of spring in the US this week.   

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Anonymous said...

It's still cold and dreary here too. Congrats on the finish.

chrisknits said...

Cold, rainy, and windy here! And we are headed even colder tomorrow! But as you say, great excuse to stay in and sew!!

Barbara said...

Yay for you with your stitching and destashing. We didn’t get into Oklahoma this trip, but we did see some beautiful sunsets and sunrises in the Texas panhandle. I never connected the field burning with the sunsets in your part of the world. That makes sense. (There was no burning that I’m aware of in Texas, but that would explain it.)

Marti said...

WhooHoo! Your reports look great and a finish to boot! I didn't know farmers still burned their fields up there. When we lived in Plainview, the smoke blanketed the town in the fall when they burned off their stubble. In the spring, dust was so thick it was sometimes hard to drive to Lubbock. What memories.

Katie Z. said...

Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Cold and cloudy in the Midwest today too, but very glad we don’t have the ice that they do in Michigan. Taxes are done, did some sewing today, and now settling in to Stitch and will arch some tv tonight. Hope you have a good week with more of those beautiful sunsets ahead of you!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

is it april showers bring may flowers? in that case.... you all should have a lot - ha ha!

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

It was so pretty on Saturday morning - our flowers have been blooming, then it rained pretty much the rest of the day and Sunday.

Sandy Panagos said...

As beautiful as the Vintage Dresses quilt is, and as much work as you have put into it, you absolutely cannot settle on the border fabric. I can't wait to see what you've decided to us!