Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekend Stitching: Uneven Progress

It was a mixed bag weekend.  It was cold, with freezing drizzle on Saturday.  The Scientist in Training was home and she brought a girl friend with her this time. Someone she's hoping to room with next year.  They met up with friends in Tulsa for just a couple of hours to do some shopping, which was OK as I had to work most of the day on Saturday.  But we got to hang out after dinner and all Sunday morning.  So it was one of those busy weekends. 

I did find my way to the sewing room Sunday afternoon to temper my mood after the SIT headed back to college. The house always seems so empty and quiet after she leaves.  The first priority was to get Magnolia Mystery into a finished flimsy.  

Magnolia Mystery by Cheryl Brickey of
Meadow Mist Designs

The setting triangles are cut and I made a good start on getting the rows all stitched together.  What looks like dark brown or black is actually a deep magenta.  It's hard to see it in this lighting, the color shows up better in a close up. 

If you look closely you can see that deep red-purple color in some of the squares.  I have till Thursday to get this to finished flimsy stage for it to be in the Magnolia Mystery parade over on the Meadow Mist Designs blog.  It will be close. If work backs off a bit this week, there is still a chance of that happening.  

No progress on much else this weekend.  Though I did finish my fifth On Ringo Lake block.

On Ringo Lake, Bonnie Hunter 2017 Mystery Quilt

These blocks have grown on me as I've put more up on the design wall.  I wasn't too thrilled with them at first.  There is a medium gray in the blocks that doesn't show up well in the photos, but it adds some nice subtle shading that lets the red and yellow shine.  On Ringo Lake is my current leaders and enders project, so progress is slow, but there is progress.

I'm not ready for Monday, but I'm hoping for a short week.  The plan is to take a day off on Friday, but I've been warned by my supervisor that she suspects I'll have a assignment related to our lab moves that will require me to come in for a meeting or work from home on Friday.  So we'll just have to see if the day off actually happens.   

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Vicki in MN said...

I think your Ringo blocks look awesome! Good luck with your Friday.

Alison V. said...

I am so excited to see your finished Magnolia top. It's looking wonderful thus far! I just started on my new leader and ender project (an old Bonnie pattern) but I will need to add in some additional fabrics.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Kate,
You are doing fabulously on your Magnolia quilt top. I think you can meet that Thursday deadline. And your Ringo blocks looks great. I love your fabric choices! ~smile~ Roseanne

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That's the hard part of the Empty Nest - they come home and you have to get used to them being gone all over again when they leave! ;( I really the way like your Magnolia Mystery is coming together - the magenta squares go so perfectly with the flowers in the lighter fabric. It's going to be a beautiful quilt!

Bonnie said...

You are making nice progress on Ringo Lake. I really like your color choices. Good luck with your Magnolia Mystery quilt becoming a top. It's hard when work interferes!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Looking good.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Even with your little bits of time, you get a lot done - even if you don't feel like it. Progress is progress as long as there is a step forward.

Cheryl said...

Your mystery quilt looks great! Even if you just have the middle pieced section finished, send in a pic to be entered for the parade.

Marti said...

I really like your yellow, purple, and green together. Those are colors I never would have thought to put together, but they look great in your blocks. And as usual, I like your version of Bonnie Hunter's mystery best. Those star blocks look complicated, but I love the result.


The word for this week is 'steady'--you are steadily getting that beautiful Magnolia quilt finished--and yes I hope you have an easy week at work and that you get to take the whole day off on Friday!!
enjoy, di

Jennifer said...

Hope you get that short week and some time to sew in the evenings! Magnolia mystery is looking great.

Adventurous Quilter said...

They look terrific 😀 I didn't do Bonnie's quilt along this year but I've done one previously and they are lots of tiny pieces!

Susan said...

So glad to see your Magnolia Mystery.. I have not begun mine because of questions on how to use the fabric as I preferred....... You gave me the answer. I can move forward now. Thank you.