Monday, February 26, 2018

Weekend Stitching: All Bordered Out

Monday always seems to come faster than Friday. I'm definitely not ready to head back to work this morning.  At least the weather is going to be slightly warmer than it has been.  I'm ready for a week where I don't have to dress like Nanook of the North to survive the walk from the car to my building. 

Saturday was busy with Science Fair and a bit of furniture shopping.  We finally found a replacement for my recliner that doesn't make my back hurt.  At the moment the only places I can sit more than a few minutes without discomfort are my computer desk chair and my sewing room chair.  Sunday was pretty much a stay at home laundry and sewing day.  That made for a very relaxing and productive Sunday afternoon in the sewing room.  The last of the borders were added so Magnolia Mystery is now a finished flimsy. 

Magnolia Mystery by Cheryl Brickey of
Meadow Mist Designs

I'm pretty happy with how it came out.  It's definitely bright.  Now to get the backing pieced.  I had hoped to have enough of the background fabric to use as the backing, but I'm going to be short there.  So I need to raid the stash for something else to supplement.  My OMG was to get both the top and the backing made.  I still have a few days to make that happen.  We'll see how that goes.  

Also up on the design wall this weekend are five blue sawtooth star blocks. 

These are the border blocks for one of my previous Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects.  I need sixty something blocks for the border so I've been making these 4" x 5" blocks in whatever the RSC color of the month is.  I'd finished the purple blocks for February, but hadn't gotten to five blue ones in January.  It was good to get caught up this month.  

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  1. Your Magnolia top looks fabulous!

  2. Hi Kate,
    Your Magnolia Mystery quilt top came out really nicely. That has to feel good, to have that together. I'm sorry to hear about your back pain. Ugg, that has to make sewing and life in general uncomfortable. I hope you have some relief soon. I love your star blocks as well. Those will look great as a border. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Good job getting the top finished. It looks so cheerful and brings me hope of spring weather coming. I hear you about being tired of the cold weather. Thanks for linking up with Design Wall Monday, Judy

  4. So sorry your back is bothering you, although if your sewing chair is comfortable, you could think of sewing as physical therapy! It's a win-win! Your quilt turned out beautifully.

  5. Your mystery quilt did come together beautifully! How true is that statement...Monday gets here faster than friday!! I remember it all to well when I worked outside my home. I use to power clean, grocery shop and do laundry so that I could have one day of only quilting!

  6. Looks good. Congratulations on a finished top. You should have the back knocked out by the end of the month to complete your goal. Whoohoo!

    1. Btw, do we get to see this new recliner? We haven't had a really comfortable recliner since our old Lazy Boy bit the dust.

  7. Yay for flimsy finishes! I love the overall look of the mystery piece. The background is perfect for the colors.

  8. Your quilt top finish is sooooo pretty and it will add cheer and smiles where ever you use it--good job!! And I know you are this close you can get the backing made for it to finish off your goal--
    and I love the little stars you are making--
    and I know about those back issues and finding chairs/furniture that doesn't make it hurt worse--so am glad you found something!!
    enjoy, di

  9. I'm looking for a new chair, too. Do you mind telling me what you bought that works for your back?

    Congrats on a finished flimsy! :)

  10. I wouldn't never thought to use the floral print...I like it! Congrats on your flimsy finish.

  11. A finished top, wonderful, congratulations. Sorry to hear about your back, it sounds like you need an upright design with a firmer seat, I'm glad you found one. Your weather may be getting warmer but we have gone backwards, snow, snow, and more forecast. Roll on spring.

  12. Congrats on getting your Magnolia Mystery top together, and good luck completing the back by the end of the month. It looks greats--love the print background!

  13. Love those blue blocks, and your quilt has 'spring' written on all over it! Congrats on all your progress, and good luck on getting the back pieced.

  14. I love your magnolia mystery! I really like the patterned background. Very spring.

  15. Yaay for the finished top! Have you been able to get the back sewn together? I sure wish my big challenge quilt for the month was bright and cheery like this. I really love my Fancy Forest, but its more subdued scheme doesn't fight February blahs. And boy, do I hope your back is feeling better. Nothing so debilitating as a bum back. Pretty lucky that your sewing chair is one of the most comfortable seats for you!

  16. Your Magnolia Mystery looks excellent! So bright and happy!

  17. Only being being able to sit at the computer and your sewing machine sounds good to me. Not really, I know you've been uncomfortable. Glad you found a chair that works for you. The background fabric on Magnolia Mystery matching the border really looks good. Kinda of like the rest of the quilt is just floating there.

  18. Hooray, your finished top looks great! Hope the new chair continues to be comfortable and your back gets better. And hope Friday has come quickly this week 😊


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