Monday, February 19, 2018

Weekend Stitching: Getting There

It was a slow and relaxed weekend.  We have clothes for another week and the sewing room chair got a nice workout for a change.  The Daytona 500 didn't disappoint, though I was bit bummed that my two favorite drivers got taken out in wrecks.  Still it was an entertaining afternoon of stitching.  

My February One Monthly Goal is to get Magnolia Mystery to finished flimsy stage.  There was good progress on that goal this weekend. 

 Magnolia Mystery by Cheryl Brickey of
Meadow Mist Designs

I've got two of the four borders added.  What looks like black is actually a deep magenta.  The third border will be the bright yellow, followed by the final border of the background fabric.  If I have time to sew this week this will be a finished flimsy by the end of the month.  

There's also been a lot of progress on the rest of my priority list for February. 

1.  Magnolia Mystery - borders in progress
2.  Bind Geek Chic - need to finish the label
3.  2018 RSC Squared Away sampler blocks in purple - Done
4.  2017 RSC Fan blocks - finish the last two - Done
5.  Sawtooth Star blocks in purple - make 5 - Done
6.  On Ringo Lake - leaders and enders project

So even though February has turned out to be a pretty hectic month at work, there's been enough time in the sewing room to move things along. 

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chrisknits said...

Wohoo!! Progress is being made.

Cheryl said...

Your magnolia looks great!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That looks great! Glad you are making progress and enjoyed your weekend stitching!


It is soo fun and such a good feeling to mark off---Done on projects--!!
Nice job on this last quilt--
and it was a fun racing week end--the one I picked this week--almost won--he lead the most laps and would of won I think--it not for that last caution with 2 laps to go!! I don't have a set driver--there are some I like and a couple I do not like all that much--sooooo!! Each week is fun cause it is different for me--
enjoy, di

Barbara said...

The quilt is gorgeous, and what a great feeling to be crossing off the items on your list.

Julie in GA said...

You are making great progress on so many of your projects!

Robin said...

Wow! You've really been busy. It must feel good to be able to write DONE after those projects.

Marti said...

Your magnolia quilt looks great. That last crash at the Daytona was really something. Hubby had just said they are going to have a wreck, and then it happened.

Jennifer said...

You’ve done great - borders are looking good so far and the list is getting shorter!

Mary Marcotte said...

You've really gotten some things crossed off that list! And the magnolia quilt is looking like it's getting close.
I'm trying update my linky party list and have your blog as hosting one. Could you get back to me to let me know whether you still host a linky party and give me the details? I'd really appreciate the help!