Monday, November 6, 2017

Weekend Stitching: Something Else Besides En Provence

We had a nice visit with the Scientist in Training over the weekend.  I spent Sunday afternoon in the sewing room after she headed back to college, it was a good distraction.  These weekend visits seem so short, but I'm glad she's close enough to be able to drive home when she wants/needs to.  

So what got done over the weekend?  I'm still working on the borders for En Provence.  Not much has changed, so I'm not going to post another picture.  Clue two of the Magnolia Mystery quilt is done.  

Clue three came out on Thursday, so I'm just a bit behind.  That clue has been started, but I haven't gotten very far. 

The other project that has seen some progress, is the Vintage Dresses.  

 Vintage Dresses
Charise Randell

These blocks are my current leader and ender project.  I'm adding coping strips so all the blocks will come out at 9.5" X 12.5" unfinished.  Twelve down, thirteen to go.  So I'm almost half way.  

The last bit of progress was on this month's UFO, Inverted Star.  Using EQ, I mapped out the cutting instructions for the border sawtooth stars, sashing, and other borders.  

 I used up almost all of the white on white background fabric for the Inverted Star blocks, so another white will be needed for the sashing, borders and the sawtooth stars.  EQ was quite helpful in determining the yardage required to to finish the quilt.  Thankfully I found a compatible white on white in the stash.  Hopefully I can get going on the border stars sometime this week.  This quilt isn't likely to make it to the finished flimsy stage, but I'm hoping to make some good progress on the border stars this month. 

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

I just love those dresses! I had set aside fabric for Magnolia - where did that go?

Alison said...

I am so excited to see your dresses again! I love love love them! I think your Magnolia quilt blocks are going to look awesome!

Juliana Ellington said...

I love the dresses, too. They are just perfect: color, design, execution!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Kate,
Good to know about EQ being accurate-ish with estimating yardage. Buying EQ is on my short list - just haven't gotten to it yet. I really LOVE the vintage dresses. So cute and the fabrics reflect the time perfectly. Do you have a favorite? I love the LBD - sleeveless, timeless, perfect! ~smile~ Roseanne

gayle said...

I'm always happy to see those adorable little dresses!


Love the fabrics for your next clue that you stitched and glad you and the SIT had some time together--and those dresses are always fun to see how they are coming together--every time I see yours, I want to get mine out and work on them--think I have 3-4 dresses yet to do--but--I must work on getting this 'pile' of Christmas fabrics pared down first!!!
I did get a small top stitched together this morning now I need to design some snowmen for the corners!!
enjoy the moments, di

MartiDIY said...

Those little dresses are so cute. I didn't know EQ estimated yardage. I doubt I will ever get it, but that would definately be a selling point for me.

Julie said...

I love, love the dresses! It's fun to see you making progress. I am not currently doing any mysteries, as I am too easily distracted!

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

I don’t have EQ, I keep thinking about it but I’m not sure I would use it enough to justify the expense. I did notice EQ8 is released though so now would be the time, or after Christmas anyway. Thank you for showing the dresses, I always love to see them, wonderful.

Barbara said...

I totally love the dresses. Can't wait to see more progress on that one. I love the fabrics you've selected for your mystery at the top. Very pretty together.

Sandra Walker said...

I'm doing the sashing on my CA women blocks as a leader/ender - love seeing those dresses again. Have started playing with EQ7, good to know on the yardage!

Sarah Goer said...

Those dresses are adorable!

Cheryl said...

Your mystery blocks and the dress quilt look fabulous!

Christina said...

Your mystery colors are gorgeous! I love seeing your progress each week, baby steps is all it takes to make some finishes happen. Thank you for sharing!