Sunday, November 12, 2017

Stash Stuff for Week 45

The cooler, windy, overcast weather was very conductive to spending time in the sewing room yesterday afternoon. Add in the Friday afternoon of my day off, I've already gotten in a solid 8 hours of stitching this weekend.  Though looking at the stash report, you'd never guess that. 

Used last week:  0.71 yards
Used year to date:  51.95 yards

I suppose the slow pace of fabric is out due to all the small blocks needed for the projects in rotation right now.  It takes a lot of 3.5" 4 patches to add up to much in the way of fabric used.  

Finding time to sew has been on track.  I managed 7 out of 7 days last week to actually get in the sewing room for at least 15 minutes.  All those 4 patches for En Provence have been slow going.  Even with chain piecing, that's still a lot of stitching to get the 27 needed for just one border.  

The cooler weather has forced My Guy to abandon his weekend walks with his camera. So he's been playing around in the kitchen instead.  Yesterday he made Apple Cider Donuts (a King Arthur recipe you can find here).

And yes, they are as yummy as they look.  I'm going to have to start increasing my gym time if he keeps this up.  Yummy though they are, this kind of treat plays havoc with my diet!  

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Julie in GA said...

Those doughnuts are making my mouth water!
Good job on you stash numbers and your 15 minutes a day. Those long hours over the weekend will pay off when you get that border on the quilt.

Meloney said...

Yummy. I have a DH that is a GREAT cook and I have to figure out how to increase my activity to stop any weight gain, especially this time of year.
They look really good.


Oh my but those look and smell yummy---I used to get a cider one every fall at an apple orchard when I lived up north--haven't had one since I moved here--though I don't remember theirs having that glaze on them--that would make them too sweet for me (also not a big fan of icing on a cake when I have to eat cake at a party!!) I bet that you are happy that hubby bakes--does he cook too--send him down here-ok???
enjoy the moments, di

Katie Z. said...

Way to go! You’ve gotten an incredible amount done considering your crazy work schedule.

Sandra Walker said...

Yum on those donuts! much as I prefer warmth and sunshine, a cooler windy even rainy day (like we had here today) is lovely for cozy time in the sewing room right? Good to see you lining up the projects to slowly finish them too (last post); slow and steady, you know the saying!

Angie in SoCal said...

How lucky can you get - a husband who bakes! They look yummy.

thea said...

Those donuts look great! We should definitely try making some. Your husband is the one who make the malted waffles too isn't he?

Christina said...

The donuts your husband made look amazing! Keep up the great work, yes you did not have a lot of outgoing fabric, but you had a solid amount of time sewing this weekend, and it makes a difference as you are getting closer to completing your OMG. Keep it up, En Provence is turning out beautifully!