Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend Stitching - A Day Off Makes a Difference

It was a beautiful weekend.  A bit cool in the mornings, but warm enough to go out without a coat by lunch time.  The fall foliage is at it's height.  

My Guy and I got in a walk and some photography yesterday morning.  It was cold enough for gloves, but the spectacular effect of the early morning sun on leaves was worth the cool start.  

It's also been a productive weekend in the sewing room.  It's amazing how much progress can be made with just one extra day off.  Last month's brown Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks were finished.  I showed those off on Saturday's post.  The next clue in the Midnight Mystery quilt was out on Thursday and that was next on my to do list. 

Midnight Mystery Quilt From Meadow Mist Designs

This is how it looks midway through step 2.  Hopefully I'll finish up step 2 today.  

Since Back to Square One is out for quilting and The Layer Cake Quilt Along project is just about bound, it was time to select another UFO from the 2015 Quilt Plan.  The McCall's Mystery quilt just seemed to be begging to be next, so I pulled that project box off the stack.  I had finished clues 1 and 2 back in January of 2012. 

 McCall's Mystery Quilt, From McCall's Quilting Magazine
Jan/Feb, April/May, June/July 2012 issues

So I got started on the final step, clue 3.  

There are 16 of these snowball blocks total in the quilt.  The sunny yellow floral has been in the stash for years and I've got 6 yards of it. What's left over after making the top will be used for the backing.  After the snowball blocks are all finished it will be time to assemble the quilt, so it's possible that I'll have another finished flimsy before the end of the year. 

It was definitely a good week.  You can check out more weekly progress updates at:

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  1. I always look forward to Cheryl's Mystery quilt instructions. My goal for today will be to tackle and finish my November work. The fall color is gorgeous around you!

  2. I'm loving your version of Cheryl's quilt

  3. Love love all of your mysterious bits! That last floral certainly deserves it's day!

  4. That mystery is pretty! LOVE that tree photo! Wow! What a blue sky!!

  5. Mystery quilts are fun! Love yours.

  6. Congrats on being so productive! Your tree pic is so pretty, the colors are gorgeous!

  7. Our Gingkos around here are the last big trees with golden leaves. It's really gorgeous to watch the leaves rain down. I'm glad to see your bopping along with your projects. Steady progress is what it takes. Your Midnight Mystery looks like you made a good choice with your color picks, and I look forward to seeing a couple of finished flimsies soon. Good luck, and keep sewing!

  8. The only trees still holding leaves here are some of the oaks, and those crinkly brown leaves will hold till they are pushed off in the spring -- or when a good wind comes, which should be tomorrow night.

    I love that yellow floral. I have quite a few florals from my "floral phase" that would look nice in snowball blocks. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Great capture of the brilliant fall foliage! And I love your Midnight Mystery Clue blocks -- very eye catching!! :)

  10. You have some great fall colors. Ours are just beginning to turn. Interesting mystery quilt so far. Do you try to imagine what the finished quilt will look like as you go along, or do you wait until you see it?

  11. You have had a productive week! I love your picture of the yellow tree.

  12. Looks like you are well on your way to having another finish. Lovely pic of the foliage!

  13. Love your photo of the tree...what a beautiful colour. Well done on the work you got done this week and its really fabulous that you get to start on another UFO....I am seriously considering making 2016 the year of UFO's here at Bits 'n Bobs! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.

  14. A little late to the game, but you did have a productive week. I miss the fall colors.. and the crisp morning air. Thanks for tree pic!


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