Sunday, November 29, 2015

Stash Report - Week 48 of 2015

It's been a slow weekend. We've been munching on left overs from Thanksgiving.  It's been too cold and wet to venture out much, so we haven't.  One problem with not venturing out is then it's easy to spend more time on the computer where all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales keep popping up in my email.

Someone trying hard to stay on a fabric diet doesn't need the temptation. And sure enough I did give into the temptation and ordered some fabric from the 25% sale at The Fat Quarter Shop.  Though I don't feel too badly about that purchase because it's the background fabric for one of the graduation quilts that's in the plans for next year.  I was going to need to purchase it anyway, so why not get it on sale.  

The damage done by my Black Friday weakness won't hit the stash report until next week at the earliest, so for now the report looks pretty good.  

Used last week:  0.55 yards
Used in November:  4.86 yards
Used year to date:  43.65 yards
Purchased year to date:  24.25 yards
Net Used for 2015:  19.40 yards

I'm still in the black.  I'm hoping to get one more backing made this year, so that should make up for the purchase of the background fabric.  As long as I end using more than I've bought, it will be a good year.  

For more stash management strategies, check out Patchwork Times.


  1. it is hard to not buy for the black friday sales but I find it a good time to buy all the notions needed for my hand quilting addiction!

  2. Almost impossible to pass up such great deals on things I have been wanting. I was able to get a few books and some speciality rulers I have seen on blogs. Perfect time to get them.

  3. You've done very well this year so don't beat yourself up for caving to a sale. I try to delete fabric shop ads without even reading them.

  4. I think you are doing great this year. I wanted to show a decrease in my stash this year but it just isn't happening. Backings do help though.

  5. Your numbers are great! Sounds like you would have had to get the fabric anyway so getting them now on sale is good planning! :) ~Melanie

  6. Great that you found the fabric on sale. It has a purpose and that's the important thing. Looks like you'll end up in the BLACK! A good thing, Sandi

  7. Hi, I would have spent up but for the fact the postage to Australia is so much it defeats the fun of buying up. You have done an amazing job to be in the black, not so here though. Best wishes Wendy

  8. Oh yea, using more than buying is wonderful. My son-in-law was shopping my stash a week or so ago. He took a lot home but I know I'll get most of it back at Christmas. So for now, it won't be counted. Luckily he knows I keep track of input and output so he'll tell me how much i got rid of when he gives the rest back. My daughter is in charge of making the quilt ... He is designing and picking colors.

  9. It is hard when they keep sending you all the emails! I have gotten to the point where I delete most of them before even opening them....but can't always pass up the good sales!

  10. I sometimes wonder if my management strategy hasn't been to just hang it up. LOL! Not really, but my input has been nearly nonexistent this year! I think you're absolutely right to purchase fabrics you'll need while they're on sale!! :)


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