Sunday, November 15, 2015

Stash Report - Week 46 of 2015

It's cold, windy and rainy this morning.  It's nice to know we have no place we have to be today.  It's a good day to stay home and play in the sewing room.  

I had last Monday off, that was the end of my 4 day weekend to celebrate the wrap up of the big project at work.  But having having most of the day to stitch certainly helped the stash report for this week.

Used last week:  2.11 yards
Used in November:  3.27 yards
Used year to date:  42.06 yards
Purchased year to date:  24.25 yards
Net used for 2015:  17.81 yards

I've used more fabric year to date than I did all of last year.  I doubt it will be a record year for fabric usage, but I'm trying hard to end 2015 with more out than in.  Finishing up some of my older UFOs is definitely helping to move some of the older yardage out of the stash.  Part of the fabric added this year was vacation fabric, the rest has been purchased to use in four graduation quilts Drama Teen has asked me to make for her best friends.  

I've been having fun deciding on themes and patterns for the graduation quilts.  Drama Teen has blessed the three patterns I've selected so far.  Yesterday I started mocking up two of the quilts in EQ.  The first pattern needed to be made a bit bigger so it could be used on a dorm bed.  The pattern is from the December 2015 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.  

Bird's-Eye View, designed by Jackie Robinson of
Published in the December 2015 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting

Here's the fabrics DT has blessed so far. 

I have no idea which fabric lines these are from, other than the gray with white star, it's from Connecting Threads' Candy Basics line. Here's how the EQ mock up looks.

This probably isn't the final version, I'll probably make some of the inset squares a bit bigger and add a bit more of the pink fabric so it's better balanced visually.  I need to shop my stash for a light and a dark purple fabric. What's in the mock up comes from the EQ palette.   The black frames will be the same dark purple that gets used for the border.  This is good enough to give me a good estimate of how much fabric is needed.  The working title for this project is "Zombies In Paris".  Drama Teen requested purple as the main theme color as it's the recipient's favorite color.   It's nice to have one of the graduation quilts pretty much scoped out.  Not sure if this will get started this year.  If it does, it's not likely to happen till after Christmas.  

That's it for me today.  You can find more stash reports posted over at Patchwork Times.  


gayle said...

I've been tickled by the idea of a zombies quilt since you first mentioned it. Thanks for the peek!

Julie in GA said...

Your numbers are looking very good. Congrats on limiting your purchases. We all know how hard that can be.
Love the plan for the zombie quilt. It's going to be terrific!

Denise :) said...

You've had great use vs. purchase this year -- way to go! I love the prints that have been selected for this quilt and purple is my favorite color (mostly) so we're jiving there! One down, three to go?! :)

Katie Z. said...

Very cute! That's a great way to use focal fabrics, but the little squares should make the top pretty nice to assemble.

Barbara said...

That's a great pattern for what you have planned. Love the name, "Zombies in Paris". LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the colors and the fabrics! (purple is my fave too).

Gina said...

That's going to be a great quilt and I love the fabrics that have been chosen xx

Libby in TN said...

Zombies -- I just don't know what to say ... except "go for it!"

Marti said...

You've had a good week. Four day weekends are the best! I love the romantic zombies fabric!

thea said...

That's really nice. how many graduation quilts are you making? (and how long do you have to make them?)

TheItinerantChemist said...

I have to say that I'm fearsome jealous of your map fabric! Love the layout and look of Zombies in Paris, DT is very lucky! :)

TheItinerantChemist said...

Owait, it's for a friend of DT. In which case they're extremely lucky too! :)