Sunday, December 29, 2013

Stash Report - Week 52 of 2013

Hard to believe it's the last stash report of the year.  On the one hand I'm relieved to get to reset my numbers, stash busting did not go well this year.  On the other hand it's hard to see another year come to an end. But I'm going to focus on the fresh start to get myself over the shock of ending another year.  

Before getting to the 2014 reset, I made one last foray into the quilt shops.  I bought some sale fabric to use for quilt backs.

And then I added a few pieces to fill some gaps in the stash in hopes that I will be able to pull only from the stash next year. 

The teal on the bottom is extra yardage for Celtic Solstice.  It was the one fabric I forgot to buy extra yardage for when I purchased the rest.  Hopefully, I'll be able to finish that project with what I have now.  

My purchases did some significant damage to the stash report, but as it's the last one of the year, I'm looking for the next one to show a lot of zeros in the incoming category.

Used last week:  0.06 yards
Added last week: 26.92 yards

Used for 2013: 65.34 yards
Added for 2013: 312.75 yards

Net stashed:  247.41 yards.  

I had hoped to see more out this week, but it's just been too busy with all the holiday prep and family visits.  I hope that changes this afternoon.  

This is the 4th year I've kept track of my stash.  I used 5 yards more this year than in any previous year I've been keeping track.  So that's a plus.  In terms of building the stash, I added more than I would have liked.   But compared to  last year where I added almost 390 yards to the stash, keeping the increase to less than 250 yards is definitely a step in the right direction. 

That's it for the last stash report of 2013.  To see more of the same, check out all the links over at Patchwork Times.  


Denise :) said...

That wasn't so terrible! LOL! I wasn't near as regular keeping up with my stash, but I *did* keep up with it and I'm glad. You had a tidy little sum of *stash* for the year!! Fun stuff! ;)

DeeDee said...
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DeeDee said...

Just think of all the great quilts just waiting to be created from your wonderful stash!
Happy New Year.

Donna said...

I like everything you added. Those are kind of fabrics it's easy it use. Good luck stash busting in 2014!

Shay said...

I have years where I do nothing but buy fabric ( the year before last) and others where I barely buy anything (this year)

Fabric doesn't go off so those years where I spend more I justify it by telling myself Im building my stash.

2013 looks like it was a good year for stash building !

kwiltnkats said...

There are some great patterns out there and maybe in your sewing room just waiting to you some of your 2013 stash enhancement. A couple of those BIG Bonnie Hunter projects will do it. Have fun with Celtic Solstice. Sandi

Kate said...

Hey, you're UNDER 250! That's something! LOL For some reason, I am buying in the last hours of 2013...darn sales. Good thing I'm not counting!

Lynne said...

Improvements "in" and "put" it seems.

I intended to add to my stash today with the end of year sale at the local chain store. However, I didn't see anything that motivated me so came home with just five mitres of white flannelette (I use it instead of wadding in my donation quilts for babies "born asleep). Oh and quite a bit of yarn!

libbyquilter said...

i'm looking forward to seeing what wonderful projects grow out of your fabric stash this upcoming year. you always seem to get so much done~!