Sunday, December 8, 2013

Stash Report - Week 49 of 2013

It's cold.  We had our first snow Friday morning (like a lot of places in the US).

Along with the snow, came absolutely frigid temperatures.  Though the wind hasn't been too bad.  We were lucky to just get snow, places to the south got ice.  Drama Teen was thrilled, there was no school on Friday.  We got home from work at 6 and she was still in her pj's!  

Between the snow and the cold, you would think I'd have gotten some sewing done this week, but there's been a lot going on at both home and work. One night was spent shopping for our Angel Tree kids.  The rest of the week I was either working on year end stuff for work or passed out in the recliner.  The roads were good enough yesterday for Drama Teen and I to have our annual marathon Christmas shopping session.  All of that just to say, there's absolutely nothing going on with my stash report.  

Used last week:  0 yards
Added last week:  0 yards

Used for 2013:  64.48 yards
Added for 2013:  268.83 yards 

Net Stashed for 2013: 204.35 yards

At least there was nothing in to go along with the nothing out.  I hope to do better this week on the going out part.  Once I get past Tuesday, things will slow down at work some so there should be more stitching going on this week.

That's it for this week's stash report.  I'm linking up with Judy over at Patchwork Times as usual.   


DeeDee said...

Glad you were able to go on your traditional shopping trip with your daughter. Too many folks out and about the closer to Christmas we get. Hope you can find time for quilting this week.

Jennifer said...

I am with you - spent much if the day shopping, but now I am done and can spend some time sewing!

Lori said...

progress is how to get to the end, it doesn't have to be a marathon run! Love the header, decorations are my favorite part of Christmas.

Barbara said...

What a gorgeous photograph!

Lynne said...

I miss Christmas shopping days with DD. however, I'm not finished and she's here all next week so we might still get to do some!