Tuesday, December 17, 2013

15 Minute Challenge - Quilter's Guilt

It's another swim practice morning, so I have to be out the door in a little over 30 minutes.  Last week was busy with lots of holiday stuff, Christmas shopping and holiday parties.  I spent a lot of the week working on a photo calendar that will be the "family" gift for My Guy's siblings.  So there wasn't a lot of stitching going on last week.

Tuesday:  Nada
Wednesday:  Nada
Thursday:  Nada
Friday:  Nada
Saturday:  Nada
Sunday:  Celtic Solstice
Monday:  Nada

Just one day of stitching out of the last 7.  The track record for last year was about the same, so I'm beginning to think it's just the time of year.  Hopefully after Christmas, I'll get in a one or two personal retreat days and catch up for the lack of stitching the last two weeks. 

I did a little web surfing on "quilter's guilt", the fostering creativity theme for December.  Besides a blog and a few guilds of that name, I did find a few posts that deal with the subject.  I recognize my self in a few of them.  So what do quilter's feel guilty about, here's a list (in no particular order)

buying fabric/spending money on quilting
quilting rather than spending time with family
quilting rather than doing housework
the money spent on supplies (fabric)
not quilting enough

Are there other's on your list?  Which one of the above is your the source of most of your quilter's guilt?  At one time or another all of the above have been sources of my quilter's quilt.  

Link up below and share how your creative week went.  

1. Julie in GA

2. Kate @ katiemaequilts

3. Melanie J.

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Julie in GA said...

I agree with you, I have felt guilt about every item on your list at some time or other. For me I would say it is mostly about the time I spend quilting when it seems like I should be doing something else.

lesleyworth said...

I would say every one of those would be on my list! Hope you get some downtime this season to relax and stitch!

Shay said...

UFO's and WIP's that just sit there are my biggest source of guilt. They mock me.

I never feel guilt over buying fabric!

Lynne said...

Most definitely not quilting enough! There are so many days when I just can't be bothered getting into the sewing room and doing all those tasks that are necessary -- like ironing fabric, tidying off the cutting table (which is just inside the door so becomes the repository of homeless items), cutting and joining binding strips then pressing them in half, etc. Or, hardest of all, deciding what to work on or what to do with a stalled project!

Robin said...

Not quilting enough is far and away the major source of quilty guilt for me. On the bright side, I have gotten my fabric-buying impulses under much better control so I don't have much guilt in that area any more (woo!). But I still have this massive stash looming, taunting me. :P

make.share.give said...

I like my kitchen and living room to be cleaned up before I sew, so I have guilt about not cleaning first, then not taking time to sew.

Dasha said...

Hi Kate,
For me the best part of the quilting process is starting - the inspiration, thinking about it, designing it, selecting fabrics and cutting it all out. By the time I get to piecing, I'm over it, and full onto planning the next one. So you guessed it - lots of UFOs. That is my guilt trip. All that time and money invested and sitting in the cupboard unloved and forgotten. LOL