Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stash Report - Week 32

This house is in "back to school" mode.  Drama Teen starts high school on Tuesday.  Yesterday was the final mad dash to finish up shopping for absolutely have to haves for back to school.  She spent last night cleaning out her notebook and backpack from last year so she could get ready for this year.  She's excited and nervous. Just two more days of freedom and then she's back to the school year grind.  

I did stop in at a quilt shop yesterday while we were out shopping, but I didn't buy anything.  I was very proud of myself for that restraint.  Unfortunately, I've not done much this week that uses fabric.  I had four quilts that needed the labels attached before they could be delivered to their new homes.  I've got two of the four done and hope to finish up the last two today.  So other than one vertical border for Mon Ami, not much going out this week. 

Used last week:  0.19 yards
Added last week:  0 yards

Used for 2013:  49.73
Added for 2013:  148.83 yards

Net stashed for 2013:  99.1 yards

So I'm still below 100 yards stashed.  Once I get the labels done and get back to the borders for Mon Ami, the fabric usage should jump up a bit.  I've also been playing around with possible fabric to use in Judy's Road to Brenham quilt.   I've been playing with these 3:  

I made a red, black and white quilt a last year and loved it, so I'd like to make another in that color combination.  To be honest, the main reason I started with these 3 is that you need almost 5 yards of one of the fabrics and I don't have a lot of pieces that big, but I do have that much of the black.  I don't want to buy anything for this project.  I can justify starting another quilt if it takes a bite out of the existing stash.  

That's it for my stash report.  Grab a cup of coffee and check out all the other stash posts over at Patchwork Times


Charlene S said...

I like those three colors.

Julie in GA said...

Way to go on not buying any fabric yesterday! I think red, white & black is a great color combination.

Melanie said...

Great job this week! The colors are beautiful!

Shay said...

None in when you did a trip to the quilt store is very restrained. Go you!

Good luck with the back to school stuff...

Chris said...

This year I want to use at least 100 yards more than I buy. At least I imagine I will....probably not LOL. So far I am 68 yards in the blue.