Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Design Wall - August 26th

It was a quiet weekend.  I managed to get a good jump on my report that's due by the end of the week.  Most of the laundry got washed.  My reward for all that productivity was to spend a couple of hours in the sewing room.  

This month, I've pretty much limited my focus to just 3 projects, Mon Ami, Back to Square One, and Neutral Gems.  Mon Ami just needs one more border and it will be a finished flimsy.  It's up on design wall number one, but it doesn't look that much different than it did last week.  Neutral Gems is moving slowly since it's my current leaders and enders project, so there isn't much to see different on it.  All the Economy blocks in step 4 of the Back to Square One instructions are done.  I've been working on the Economy blocks in Step 5 and finished enough yesterday to have one border completed.  

Back to Square One
by Judy Laquidara (pattern available here)

Just a few days till Judy posts step 9, so I'm still way behind on this project.  Once Mon Ami is on the way to the quilters, this project will move up to be my number one project.  

Yesterday, I finally gave in and started my version of Road to Brenham, another of Judy Laquidara's quilt alongs.  She's up to step 7 and I only managed to get fabric 1 cut for step 1.  Hopefully, I'll get enough done to have something worthwhile to show for Cat Patches NewFO post on Sunday.  

That's it for my design wall.  I'm linking up with Patchwork Times for her weekly linky party.  


  1. I love your colors, too. These are my favorite.

  2. Usually I work on 3 projects plus 3-4 BOMs. But just this weekend I realized that adding knitting is going to require that I change my quilting habits and narrow down my sewing projects. I am going to be doing some furniture rearranging so will use that time to think about a new quilting plan. Oh, by the way, I really like your BtSO. The colors are so bright and work so well together.

  3. Oh boy, your back to square one is awesome. I LOVE the colors.

  4. Love your color choices. This will be a beautiful quilt!

  5. You sound like me Kate - so many projects - so far behind - so little time !

    Love the border on your quilt though - its perfect!

  6. Beautiful colors in your block

  7. that is just beautiful, your fabrics are perfect. I love it!!


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