Thursday, August 1, 2013

August - 2013 The Year of the Finished Project

It's the first day of August and the first Thursday in the month, so it's time to review the progress on July's goals and decide what to focus on in August.  Then link up with Lynn over at Never too Hot to Stitch for this month's Year of the Finished Project post.  

Never Too Hot to Stitch!

Unfortunately, July wasn't as productive of a month as I had hoped for.  

1.  Back to Square One
     Finish Clue 4                8 of 20 blocks completed
     Finish Clue 5
     Finish Clue 6
     Finish Clue 7

Back to Square One
by Judy Laquidara
(pattern available 

2.  Mon Ami
     Make 3 blocks            Done

Modified from Mon Ami
by Miss Rosie's Quilt Company

3. Neutral Gems
    Make 5 blocks            Made 2

July was a busy month, we were gone almost every weekend plus took a week of vacation.  In reality out of a 31 day month, I only had 17 days where sewing on these projects was possible.  Add in a few days of illness with suspected food poisoning and that all equates to not a lot of progress.  My project focus changed after I'd put July's goals together when I realized the Mon Ami was the closest to being finished of all the projects up on the design wall.  So it became the focus for what sewing time I did have.  

Though it's disappointing to only finish up one goal, it really wasn't a bad month considering how little time I had to sew.  Progress was made on the other two goals.

So what's the plan for August?  Since this challenge is all about finishing up projects, I'm going to focus on finishing up those projects currently up on the design wall.  Since Mon Ami is the closest to being a completed quilt, it will be the main focus for the month.  I'd like to get caught up on the Back to Square One mystery, so it will be goal number two.  Neutral Gems with be this month's leaders and enders project.   

1.  Mon Ami
     Sew blocks together
     Add borders
     Make back
     Send out for quilting
2.  Back to Square One
     Finish clue 4
     Finish clue 5
     Finish clue 6
     Finish clue 7
3.  Neutral Gems
     Make 10 blocks  

I probably won't finish goal 2, so it's my stretch goal for the month.  What doesn't get done will go on next month's list.  

That's it for me this month.  Check out all the other progress posted over at Never Too Hot to Stitch.  


Shay said...

I would think July in the US is a lot like January here - middle of Summer , lots of other things going on , people popping off on holidays etc . Dont be too hard on yourself.

good luck for August!

thea said...

agreed, don't be too hard on yourself. You were gone a lot and it's hard to get things done when your routine is messed up.

Love your new header!

thea said...

Those angels are great. Nice start.