Sunday, August 25, 2013

Stash Report - Week 34

It's been a busy week with not a lot of sewing going on.  School activities and volleyball took up a couple of evenings.  I didn't feel well on Friday and Saturday, so I just sat in the recliner and read a book.  Today I have to work on a report that's due next Friday. I'll probably get to sew some this evening, but I won't get my usual Sunday afternoon sewing session in this week.  Some weeks are just that way.  

At least there is no new fabric coming in this week and just a bit going out.  

Used last week:  0.6 yards
Added last week:  0 yards

Used for 2013:  51.24 yards
Added for 2013:  148.83 yards

Net stashed for 2013:  97.59 yards

My revised stash busting goal for 2013 is to keep the net stashed below 100 yards.  I didn't notice last week, but the outgoing column has crossed the 50 yards out mark.  The most I've ever used in a year is 60 yards.  I'm on track to exceed that mark this year.  So though I've blown the goal of using more than I buy, I can definitely do better in fabric usage then I have in previous years.  

That's it for my stash report this week.  I'm linking up with Patchwork Times this week as usual.  You can check out the state of the stash there.  


  1. Upping your use age is a great goal!

  2. You are still doing great. Enjoying the process of creating is the important thing!

  3. Hey, your are doing great. Sorry you didn't feel good but sometimes it is nice to just relax and read a book. Hope it was a good one and that you are feeling better.

  4. For anyone who quilts , 100 yards isn't a huge amount to have coming in to your stash for the year.

    Sorry to hear you've not been well again. A couple of days in the recliner probably did you the world of good.

  5. I feel like I've had a whole year like your week - never enough time to get sewing to the top of my list. Hope you have more time this week, and congrats on topping 50 yards out!


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