Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stash Report - August 7th

It rained last night.  Granted it was only for about 5 minutes, but it was rain.  It's supposed to cool off just a bit mid week.  It's really sad to think that mid to high 90's constitutes "cooler" weather.  Even with the heat, I can't say that I'm ready for winter.  We had record cold last winter and I'm in no hurry to have that back.  There is a bright side, it's been too hot to do much outside, so I haven't felt guilty about staying in and sewing. 

The stash report looks a bit anemic this week.  The Flurry quilt is under construction, I'm pinning and sewing all the rows together but I've already counted most of that fabric. 

Used this week:  0.87 yards
Added this week: 0 yards

Used year to date:  41.3 yards
Added year to date:  36.75 yards

Net used for 2011:  4.55 yards

Fabric Budget:  14 yards for July to September
Bought/Budget:  20.75 yards/14 yards 

I'm slowly digging out from my fabric buying binge last weekend.  More out then in this year, which is way better then last year's numbers.  I'm only about 4 yards short of using as much fabric as was used in 2010.  I'm hoping to piece a back for Flurry out of left overs from last year's Charming Christmas Cardinals so I don't have to buy any additional fabric.  I should be able to make my stash busting goal this year. 

How is your stash management going?  Check out Patchwork Times for the state of stashes everywhere. 


Jennifer said...

The flurry quilt is cute - hope you can get the back out of scraps for more busting!

Charlene S said...

4 yards is gone so quickly when you make backs. You will do it for sure. I agree that thinking 90 degrees is cool but that is how it is here too only we didn't get the rain.

Chris said...

No reason to feel guilty about staying in to quilt :) One of these days I am going to reach the point where my stash output is larger than my in take. LOL

Kate said...

We're getting ripped off on the rain - three times now, it's rained south and east of town, but not at our house. We just end up more humid. Looks like you should have some good scraps from the Christmas Cardinals! :)

SpinningStar said...

We are having such weather extremes this year - it is helping in getting us into the quilt room.

I might try to pull some Christmas fabrics out to do a wallhanging - perhaps that will cool me off a bit!


Amy said...

At least you are ahead on your usage. Great idea on piecing your quilt back.

Marti said...

That's just enough rain to make it humid for awhile, but not enough to help the plants. I'm not looking forward to winter either, but our last two winters have been cold and wet so I don't see how we could get that another year.

Lynne said...

I brought in two full shopping bags of fabric this week but since I didn't buy it, I'm not too worried about it!