Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stash Report - August 21st

I really did sew this week, but most of it was sewing together bits and pieces that have already been counted on the stash report.  It didn't help that Connecting Threads had marked down some of their batiks.  I was unable to resist that temptation and ordered a few half yard cuts for Kiddo's Jigsaw quilt.  I definitely have more then enough fabrics to choose from now, so it's time to get out of acquisition mode.  Here's the report:

Used this week: 1.02 yards
Added this week: 6.5 yards

Used year to date:  42.5 yards
Added year to date:  60.25 yards

Net stashed for 2011:  17.75 yards

My objective this year is to use more then I buy.  I think I can still manage to make that objective, but I'm going to have to finish up some projects where the back can come from the stash.  

I had not ordered batiks from Connecting Threads before these came on Tuesday.  The colors are bright and the feel is nice. 

Kiddo loves the colors.  These all need to be scanned into the computer so we can start playing with the color layout she wants for her quilt. 

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Marg said...

Gorgeous colours. I'm going to have to delve into my batik stash soon, you are tempting me with all your lovely fabrics.

Vivian said...

Love those fabric colors. I have my classroom decorated in those colors. Yummy.

SpinningStar said...

Great colors - I also added to my batik stash this week. Must be something in the air.

DeeDee said...

You are doing well with your stash busting. It is such fun to plan and make a quilt with kids. You are so blessed that she wants to do this with you.

Kate said...

Beautiful batiks! I love the colors and the patterns, especially the three on the right with the diamonds.

Larri said...

How could you pass up fabrics as gorgeous as these? Truly beautiful! Can't wait to see how this jigsaw is puzzled together. ☺ Happy Sunday!

Shay said...

Oooohhh ! Those batiks are simply gorgeous. No wonder you had to buy them.

Since these are already for a planned project and you know you're going to use them. in my mind they have no effect on your stash!

Barbara said...

Beautiful fabrics.

Lynne said...

Ooo, lovely fabrics - if Kiddo decides she doesn't want them ... LOL