Tuesday, August 23, 2011

15 Minute Challenge - August 23rd

It's Tuesday, time to reflect on this week's sewing progress.  The 15 Minute Challenge started as a way to help me find the time to sew.   I enjoy sewing, you would think finding the time to sew would not be hard.  Some weeks it is truly impossible to find the time to visit the sewing room due to work schedules or family obligations.  Sometimes I can squeeze in those 15 minutes each day, some times I can't.  But knowing that I'll have to post on Tuesday keeps me from playing on the computer all night, which is another temptation.  Some nights I debate with myself; am I really tired or am I just being lazy.  Being lazy is OK too, some times you need to be.  Getting myself up stairs can be hard, but usually, once there, the being tired feeling goes away and 15 minutes can easily become an hour.  After that hour I feel more at peace and energized then when I got home.  So why do I need the challenge?  Beats me as to why knowing that I have to come clean on Tuesday is just that little bit extra I need to abandon my "I'm too tired" mantra and head up stairs in the evening.  I'm just glad that it does. 

For those of you who made it through my wanderings, here is this week's report. 

Last week was good for me.  So how did your sewing life go last week?  Link up if you want to share. 


Larri said...

I stitched an arm warmer for LittleGirl, and purchased batting for Flurry. Alas, that was the only sewing that occurred. Son#2 selected some fabric for his sh'pants. (I have yet to figure out what these are. Guess I'll know when he tells me. ☺) I plan to sew those today or tomorrow.

Good work on the Flurry! I think you'll be finished before all of us...weren't you the last to start? LOL

Larissa said...

Oh my! First to link up -- that's a first for me!!
I had a pretty good week, though I did have one day with no craft work done.
Congratulations on getting so much done this week!!

Chris said...

You did have a good week! I dragged myself into my sewing room last night and was glad I did once I got going :)

SpinningStar said...

Deadlines and reporting requirements are the key to getting things done.

I watch my fabric purchases after joining the stashbusters reporting. I started sewing more in order to get something up for Design Wall Monday - which helps with the fabric use number.

There are lots of things in life which get delayed because of deadlines - we all wait until the last minute to do something.

But, since joining up here, I have been getting in the sewing room more consistently and find that the 15 minutes just expands to an hour or so. Thanks for the "kick in the pants".


Marti said...

Wow, you did great! I hate to admit, but another week without any sewing for me. I am reorganizing my stash and cleaning out sewing supplies, and would like to get all that done before company arrives Thursday. I totally agree though, and pushing myself to spend 15 minutes keeps me from aimlessly roaming the internet.

thea said...

Terrific week! I don't think I'll link up this week because I only did something crafty one day --would have been more but I lost the knitting I was working on (found it yesterday and ended up ripping out the only row I did this week).

Pat said...

I find the hardest thing is getting started but then watch out!

Shay said...

You had a great week Kate and your Flurry quilt is looking so pretty!

Im not linking up this week because any sewing I did I already reported on with my Sunday post. So while a frenzy of sewing did occur on Sunday not much occurred for the rest of the week. Ahem.

Lynne said...

My computer is right near my sewing machine. Sometimes I think I'm going to sew and find myself reading blogs instead! So I can definitely relate!

Well done on a great sewing week.