Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stash Report - June 12th

This week wasn't any slower than last week, but I was able to get more done, at least on the sewing front anyway.  I'm trying not to think about what's waiting on my desk at work nor pay any attention to the piles of sorted laundry.  Work can wait till tomorrow, the laundry can sit for another hour so I can finish this week's stash report.  

Used this week:  1.05 yards
Added this week:  0 yards

Used year to date:  26.06 yards
Added year to date:  16 yards

Net Used for 2011:  10.06 yards

Fabric Budget:  13 yards for April to June
Bought/Budget:  9/13 yards

Nothing in and just a little out.  The out included the binding for the Castle quilt and some of the setting triangles for the Buck -A-Block quilt.  

That's my report for this week.  Click on over to Patchwork Times for more stash stories. 


  1. Every little bit of fabric going out helps...Ten yards net for the half year is good!


  2. Still more going out than you have coming in. Keep plugging away Kate. You're doing brilliantly.

  3. I agree, you're making progress and putting a dent in your stash. Hope you can get plenty done this week!

  4. Progress is progress. You're still in the black, so progress is being made.



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