Tuesday, June 14, 2011

15 Minute Challenge - June 14th

I love summer.  Though I still have to work, Kiddo's schedule is a lot more relaxed.  No homework in the evenings, no basketball or volley ball games.  So in a way I get a summer break too.  I used my "extra" time well this week.  I managed to get some sewing done every day. 

Most of the effort was on finishing the Castle quilt.  A few nights I managed only the minimum 15 minutes, but that still counts.  It's all progress.   This week makes up for my slacker week last week where I ventured into the sewing room for 3 days.  

For me, the 15 Minute Challenge has been all about making a conscious choice to work on a sewing project of some sort a little bit every day.  I really do love the whole quilt making process (well maybe not the cutting fabric part), but often operating the sewing machine seems beyond me after a day at work and the evening errands.  It's so easy to park it in the recliner with the computer and cruse around blog land looking at all the cool stuff everyone else is doing.  Which is gratifying in it's own way.  But that won't help me use up the closet full of fabric that Kiddo assures me will go on eBay as soon as I kick the bucket.  

How did you do this week?   


  1. Way to go! I hope that I can do as well this week. :)

  2. Great job! and obviously buying fabric is a way of providing for kiddo's future!

  3. LOL, my kids have never said it, but I'm sure that's exactly what they think too. Only they probably won't bother with ebay, just set it out at the curb with a free listing on craig's list.

  4. Oops, I wasn't paying attention & put the wrong URL in the box. It looked like it was all filled in for me so I just clicked Enter, but it filled in last week's post, and there is no way for me to delete it.

  5. The 15 minutes a day seems like a fairly easy goal, and I'm sure that a lot more gets done in 15 minutes than I think it does. Love what was on your design wall this week.

  6. Congratulations on the rampant creativity occuring at your house every day this week. I'm finding concentrating on my total efforts for the week is yielding better results for me rather than trying to sew every day.

    Like you I park myself on the lounge and stay there doing nothing lots of week nights after work !

    Your finish for this week is gorgeous so all that binding was worth it.

  7. Every little bit counts it really does. I had a couple of days when I didn't think I did anything but I would have done 15min in front of the TV before heading to bed without even thinking about it.

  8. Yay for more sewing time! Doesn't that look great - an entry for every day? Congratulations.

  9. I think you're making great progress. Some days will be more than others, but progress is progress all the same!

  10. sadly, I've not been able to sew much in the last couple of weeks. But, on a happy note, I've had a revolving door for grandkids staying at my house. =)

    How do you do the "excel" type thingy that you list what you did?


  11. Sewing every day! That is great.
    I wish I had time to sew every day.
    Great post. Thanks for giving us this venue of accountability to our creative selves.


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