Friday, June 10, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - June 10th

Just 8.5 hours left in the work week.  No plans this weekend, so I'm hoping for some quality sewing time and I'm pretty sure a quilt finish.  So it should be a good weekend. 

Doesn't he make you smile?  This was a Mother's Day gift from Kiddo this year.  It has pride of place on the bookcase in my sewing room.  I smile every time I look at it.  It reminds me just how lucky I am to be a mom.  It's so easy to loose that wonder in the day to day scuffle of being a working mom.  When they are little, it's getting the diaper bag ready for daycare along with getting your hair and makeup done, hopefully while they are still asleep in bed.  As they get older, it's sitting at the dining room table helping with them with "new" math that looks nothing like the old math you learned.  How many ways can you add, subtract, multiply and divide anyway? 

My baby at 3
 In the middle of the madness that is life, it's easy to forget that big hug and sloppy kiss you got when you picked them up from daycare.  To forget all the refrigerator drawings you've collected over the years (that still need to be scrap booked).  Now it's more about finding the time to just talk about whatever. About being there for her without being in her way. 

Kiddo now
 My favorite thing this week is being Kiddo's mom. 

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  1. They grow up so quickly don't they?

    I swear mine was three last year and now she has a sixteen month old and another on the way! My advice to my DD: enjoy it while you can!

  2. They just grow too fast. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fast my oldest is married!

  3. Wait until they are raising their own children and not doing it like you think they should. Talk about stayin out of their way.

    But you love them just the same and rejoice with every triumph and cry along with every tear.

  4. Thanks for sharing the pictures of kiddo growing up. She's grown into a beautiful young woman! Great FTF!

  5. Love the blog changes Kate. Sure is looking pretty over here with the new header and background. Very you!

    You may have to consider a name change for Ms. Kiddo in the next couple of years. She looks like a very grown up young lady. She is a real beauty.

    I came out the other side of Miss P's teen years wondering where all the time went . I loved being her Mum. It was one of the best experiences of my life (aside from when she went wild from 14-18 which really sucked)

    It's a blessing to be a parent .

    I love this FTF.

  6. Love it! She's very pretty, and I have to say, even though my kids are adults now, I still love being their mom, and I love being "Gammy" to their little ones! I love the new look of your page!
    Hope you get in lots of relaxation and sewing this weekend!

  7. To be a Momma is the best gift, isn't it? Your Kiddo is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your heart today. Happy FTF! ☺

  8. It was yesterday my daughter was she is almost 50..still like yesterday sometimes.

  9. Love your new header Kate.
    That's a lovely photo of Kiddo, what a very pretty dress too.
    Yes being a parent, in general, is pretty great, it has it's moments, but I don't think I'd have it any other way.

  10. So soon they are not babies, toddlers, kids, or even teens! Mine are all over 20 now and it is really hard to believe. Great favorite tribute to your Kiddo :)


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