Friday, June 3, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - June 3rd

TGIF! Even though I had Monday off, this has been a long week. I'm looking forward to a few days off.  Kiddo and I have been trying to sort out her new summer schedule.  Swim practice moved from 3:55 PM to 8 AM.  And she's volunteering as a helper at the local summer camp this year, so that means changing my work hours to accommodate the change in drop off and pick up times.  It's going to take another week or so to get into the summer groove. 

Moving on to more fun topics, it's Favorite Things Friday.  I think I'm going to keep with Shay's theme of food this week.  My Guy has many talents, but one that I appreciate greatly is his love of cooking.  What I see as a chore, he sees as fun and relaxing.  He loves cook books and has about a million of them (his collection may actually be bigger than my quilt book collection). 

All things yeasty is probably his first love.  King Arthur Flour is probably the only blog he follows on any type of a regular basis.  He bakes fresh bread every Sunday.   His second favorite activity is to bake scones.  Having never had a true English scone, I have no idea how close his are to the "real" thing, but they are yummy.  One of his friends is Irish and he's said that My Guy's are pretty close to what he'd get at home.  The scones are a big favorite at work.  Though I don't think the group at work realizes he uses them as taste testers.  He's tried some interesting combinations such as mango, ginger cream, dried cherry and chocolate chip.  My absolute favorites are his date-nut scones, though the ginger cream are a very close second. 

He and Kiddo have made a deal that she has to choose the menu and help with one Sunday dinner a month.  She picks out the recipe, writes up the grocery list and then helps put dinner together.  Last Sunday, it was salmon with teriyaki sauce, sugar snap peas, rice, and fresh bread. 

Hard to complain when I get to quilt while they are cooking dinner.  But I get dish duty after dinner is finished, which works out just fine with me. 

So my favorite thing this week is My Guy's home cooking.  I think I'll keep him around for awhile longer, he's a pretty good guy.  Besides, he also makes excellent pizzas!

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  1. Mmm pizza - my favourite!

    Last Sunday's dinner sounds delicious.

    My family's favourite scones (after plain with jam and whipped cream) are cheese and Italian herb scones. WM does most of the cooking but I am the scone maker!

  2. Okay - he obviously looks like a serious cook - he has a pizza paddle (not sure that's what they're called)!

    If I had access to fresh bread every week I'd weigh four hundred pounds!

    I think this is so cool! You are very lucky - and I love how he's including your daughter - what a great skill she'll have and they get to spend quality time together.

    Great FTF - thanks for sharing with us.

  3. OK I'm hungry now. Those scones would be a perfect match to my Starbucks, doncha think??

  4. Great FTF! All the pictures look so yummy and teaching kiddo how to cook, amazing! The scones make me want to run out and get one .. or maybe even make some myself.

  5. You had me a fresh bread. Yum! What a lucky girl you are to have such a fabulous favourite! Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! :o)

  6. Everything looks delicious! I used to have almost as many cookbooks as I do quilting books, but pared them down in recent years. You're very fortunate, and it's great he's passing that onto your daughter!

  7. Oh, it all looks SO good!! I think I'm going to take some salmon out for supper!

  8. That's quite a collection of cook books he has there. It's pretty cool that your guy likes to cook. Mr. P loves to bake but my figure isnt all that on board.

    Scones are really hard to do so I'd say your husband has some talent. And experimentation is all a part of cooking isnt it? It's good that the work people are the guinea pigs though...

    Thanks for linking this one up to FTF Kate ...I wonder if M your Mr. would like to cook scones for our virtual tea party.

  9. I'd say he's definitely a keeper. All that food looks delicious. My favorite are cheese scones served with tomato relish and sour cream, yum!
    I have a zillion cook books too, in fact I have way more cookbooks than quilting or craft books. I used to bake bread a lot but I put on so much weight I stopped!

  10. Yum! That looks delicious. My hubby seldom cooks, but sometimes he cooks with me and it makes me enjoy cooking more too.

  11. He sounds like a special dish himself....anything to get out of cooking for me. Everything looks so wonderful. My favourite scones are pumpkin with Rosella and raspberry jam and cream. yum!

  12. I do love scones - plain ones with vegemite.

  13. OMG, you are so lucky! I know my sweetie cooks when I'm recovering from whatever ails me, but he just doesn't like that he says.
    I love the photos which this morning have me starving for scones.
    a Great post.

  14. That's a nice tribute to your favorite guy! My DH cooks too but not like that. I love that your guy is teaching Kiddo cooking love :)

  15. My close friend dislikes cooking also while her husband enjoys it. It's a great balance. I love that h gets Dd involved. :)


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