Saturday, June 25, 2011

Foto Finish - Something Blue

I have peace and quiet this morning.  My Guy is off taking wildlife photos (I choose not to brave the ticks and other creepy crawlies).  Kiddo is upstairs asleep.  So I'm quite content sitting here with my first cup of coffee while I read a few blogs, and pick out a photo for this week's Foto Finish. 

This "something blue" continues my floral and Barb's June wedding theme from last week.  But these lovely blue hydrangea aren't mine, but live far away in Savannah, Georgia.  That was last year's summer vacation.  These lovelies lived in the beautiful park that was across the street from our hotel. 

Check out other "blues" by sliding your mouse over to Cat Patches. 


  1. How pretty! Blue hydrangeas are my favorite.

  2. So so pretty! I love hydrangeas. We have a blue one in our yard. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lovely! I must give somethought to blue-ing some of my hydrangeas this year.

  4. I love hydrangeas, unfortunately they don't love growing here.

  5. Hydrangeas are one of my favourite flowers. I have several in my garden.

  6. Blue hydrangeas are one of my faves. Unfortunately, the one I had, did not make it in my tortured flower garden...
    Thanks for joining us in Foto Finish!


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