Saturday, August 13, 2011

Foto Finish - Things That are Slow

It's Saturday.  The suitcases are unpacked.  Laundry has been started, emails have been read, blogs have been reviewed.  I seem to be back to where I was last Saturday.  Which also means it is time for this week's Foto Finish. 

This little guy was caught attempting to scurry away from the walking path.  He blends in really well with all the leaves, I only noticed him because I heard the leaves rustle.  Have you ever seen a turtle in the water?  They are not slow in that environment, they can really move (as I found trying to photograph a couple swimming in an aquarium). 

If you're having a slow Saturday, pour yourself another cup of coffee (or tea) and check out what else is slow over at Cat Patches. 


  1. Love this, Kate. It's getting to be unusual to see them in the wild. I hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead. Sounds like you've been very busy.

  2. Have a relaxing weekend! You certainly deserve it!!

  3. I love all the turltes posted. I always think of them as deep thinkers.

  4. Great camouflage. We dont have these animals in the wild in New Zealand.

  5. It's rare to see a turtle in the wild here in Australia. (or maybe I just dont look hard enough )

    Love the picture of your little guy.

  6. I don't think I've seen one walking in the leaves before - only on the grass. What fun!


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