Tuesday, October 11, 2022

To Do Tuesday for the Week of 10/11/2022

Last week was busy, between Mom's birthday party and Grad Girl's visit.  Grad Girl has to head back to Texas this morning, but we had a chance to just hang out together yesterday.  All the family activities cut into my stitching time, but I still made progress on the To Do List. 

To Do List for 10/3/2022

1. Finish the last 2 grocery sacks ✔

2. Start on Melodic Mystery - progress

3. Continue assembling backing for Unity 

Two out of three with progress on the third is still a good week. The goal is progress and that's happening.  So what is the plan for this week? 

To Do List for 10/11/2022

1. Finish assembling backing for Unity

The center strip is stitched together.  It needs to be trimmed to the proper length and sewn to the two large fabric pieces.  That should be doable this week. 

2. Continue adding borders to the Macaron Mystery 

One border strip had been added back in June.  I'm assuming the second border strip is sewn together and cut to size, but I'm not sure where it is.  So there is a scavenger hunt in my future.  

3. Cut fabrics and start assembling clues for Melodic Mystery

The light pink fabric has been washed and pressed.  Clue 4 has been printed out.  The plan is to cut the fabrics needed for Clue 3.  That should be doable. I'm looking forward to starting something new.  I'm hoping that will keep me going to the sewing room so I can make progress on a few older projects as well.    

Linking up with To Do Tuesday.  Good luck with your to do this this week.   


Julie in GA said...

I love the way your Macaron Mystery turned out, and your fabrics for the new mystery will be beautiful together! Good luck with the to-do list!

Ivani said...

Macaron Mystery looks beautiful, and I love your combo color for the new mystery. Have a great sewing week, Kate.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Starting a new project is always a fun reward for making progress on older ones! Looks like you've made progress on a couple things - that's always good. Have a great week, Kate!

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

It's amazing how much work a backing can be sometimes. It's not my favorite part for sure. (I usually just jump in and do it before I have time to think about how much I don't want to do it--if that makes sense! LOL). Your mystery quilt finished up beautifully! Well done!

Sara said...

Oh - that Macaron quilt is so striking! It has such a clean geometric look to it. Very pretty.

piecefulwendy said...

I think many of my UFOs would be done if I didn't have to prep backing - LOL. Glad you were able to spend some time with Grad Girl. Fun to see the mystery quilt - it's so pretty!

Linda said...

Backing prep - takes up a lot of time doesn't it? Hey I get the "scavenger hunt". I just rearranged some things in my sewing room and probably have a lot of searching in my future. Is Grad Girl also SIT? Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!