Tuesday, September 28, 2021

To Do Tuesday for Week of 9/28/2021

The days are long, but the weeks seem to pass by in a blink.  It's just that time of year.  I had an extra day off this week, which helped me tackle last week's To Do List.  

  • Morewood Mystery: Finish quilt
  • Cabins and Fans: Work on second and third borders 
  • Unity: Make HSTs for step 6 
  • Macaron Mystery: Make HSTs for step 3 
  • Scrappy Butterflies: Make Irish Chain block 

Five for five is definitely a good week on the stitching front. Especially when one of those check marks is for a finished quilt.  There will be a lot going on this weekend, so I won't have nearly as much time to stitch.  So I'm going to back off on this week's To Do List and focus what stitching time I have on just a few projects. 

Cabins and Fans:  Finish second border, start third border

Cabins and Fans: Self designed

Just one more strip of the second border to stitch on. The strips are cut and assembled for the third border, so I hope to make good progress on getting this project to finished flimsy stage this week. 

Macaron Mystery: Make HSTs for Step 3

It's been slow going on these HSTs. I add one square to the end of my chain piecing line.  I'll have time to catch up later, the last clue doesn't come out till March.  

Unity: Finish Step 7

I finished the last HST for step 6 and have just one more block to assemble and add to the last border for step 7.  I've already cut the pieces for step 8 so those are ready to be sewn as my leader and enders.  It would be nice if Unity was a finished quilt top by the end of the year.  

So a much shorter list for this week. I'm getting so close to finished quilt tops for both Cabins and Fans and Unity. Hopefully a few weeks of focused stitching time and I'll be able to get those sent out for quilting and maybe off the UFO list before the end of the year.  Linking up with Texas Quilt Gal for To Do Tuesday.  Good luck with your to do's this week.  


Ivani said...

What a difference a day off makes. Glad to see all those check marks.
I also opted for a shorter list this week.
Cabins and Fans is awesome.
Have a wonderful week.

Julie in GA said...

You had a great week--so many check marks!
Cabins and Fans is looking great! Looking forward to another beautiful finish.

Linda said...

I LIKE that green border on Cabins and Fans! Nice work on your goals.
Thanks for linking up with To Do Tuesday!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Oh that Cabins and Fans... I love seeing it each time!! you did such a marvelous job!!!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

It's always fun to see your progress on Cabins and Fans - such a gorgeous quilt! Have a great week, Kate!

Sara said...

Hip Hip Hooray for having an extra day to sew!! That bright lime border really sets off the Cabins and Fans quilt beautifully.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

You're making really great progress on several projects. It's really fun when they start to come together at the end, isn't it?

Mary said...

Those HSTs for your Macaron mystery quilt are really striking.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Celebrating your stellar week with your, Kate! Best of luck on a repeat performance.

Jennifer said...

Woo hoo, great week and Cabins and Fans is stunning!