Saturday, September 4, 2021

Family Photo Challenge: Week 10

My week went quickly. It was Thursday before I really got serious about figuring out a photo for this week's photo challenge. 

It's amazingly hard to deliberately take a photo that's at least partially overexposed.  The late evening sun was really helpful there. 

Kate: Sun Flower

I really like the texture of this shot.  My Guy used the early morning light in his submission this week. 

My Guy: Mote in Gods Eye

The Scientist in Training used artificial lighting for her attempt.  

Scientist in Training: Hiding in the Dark 

I love the texture in her shot and the gradation from very light to dark. 

My Guy picked the card for next week's challenge. 

The SIT said this week's challenge sounds therapeutic.  Hope everyone in the states gets a head start focusing on the happy this holiday weekend.  


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love your sunflower photo! Happy for the long weekend should make for happy photos! Enjoy!

Barbara said...

Great photos. I’m taking the cards with me on our upcoming trip. I wasn’t planning to do them until we head south this winter, but you’re tempting me to start early.

Sara said...

Every one of those photos is amazing!! I think yours could be blown up and framed because it's beautiful.

piecefulwendy said...

I'm enjoying seeing each of your photos on these challenges. I picked up a pack, and my daughter and I will be having some fun with them (after she's settled in from her move).


Really nice photos again this week--I think all 3 of you did a beautiful job this week--I can see something neat in each one--have a great holiday week end
hugs, di

Dorothy said...

What wonderful photos. You all did a bang up job :-)

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

I am enjoying seeing all the challenge photos. I like the sunflower.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Nice work, you three! Looking forward to next week's happiness shots.

Emily said...

Wow, these are beautiful and such such artistic photos. It's like getting a mini gallery show every week!

Jennifer said...

Love the pictures this week - all great!