Monday, July 19, 2021

The Next UFO

It was a steamy weekend, though not as hot as it can be here in July.  It was a good weekend to stay in and stitch.  One project on the stay in and stitch to do list for the weekend was to pick which UFO will replace Morewood on my WIPs list.  I limit my "in progress" list to 4 projects.  Morewood is in the process of being prepped to be sent out for quilting, so  a replacement will be needed before the end of the month. There are still 8 untouched quilts on my UFO  list for 2021.  


After a bit of dithering, I went with the next quilt on the list, Scrappy Butterflies.  

 Scrappy Butterflies
Block is available in EQ8 Block Library

These butterfly blocks were my Rainbow Scrap Project in 2013.  I made the blocks and then stalled on how to set them together which is why they've been on the UFO list for so long. Just sashing the blocks wouldn't make a very big quilt and I really didn't want such a simple layout.  Over the years, I've played around with settings, but just couldn't come up with anything that clicked.  There were twenty something versions in EQ for finishing this project. I kept coming back to an Irish Chain setting. 


But I'm not a fan of square quilts, plus just slapping some borders on these blocks didn't appeal. I finally figured out a rectangular setting last week. 

Still not a fan of the plain borders. What if I repeat the Irish Chain block in the border?

That actually worked out.  Yes it will be a lot more piecing, but I really like how this version looks.  I have enough background fabric to make all the blocks, but couldn't find the enough of the right blue in my stash to use as the contrast.  The local quilt shop gives a discount during your birthday month. So the Scientist in Training and I stopped in on Saturday to check out what they might have. We came home with the blue on the right (the background is on the left).

All that's left is to work out the cutting and piecing instructions. Hopefully I'll have that done by the time Morewood is all prepped and ready to sent out for quilting.  

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Postscript on follow by email: I wrote in yesterday's post that I had tried Mailchimp as a replacement for the Feedburner follow by email function.  Turns out there is a limit on the number of emails you can send per month and I exceeded that with yesterday's post. It was prohibitively expensive to add enough credits to send emails for the rest of the month. Staying with that service meant I'd have to go with weekly emails, but even then the count wouldn't reset till 8/2.  So I've switched to FollowIt (fingers crossed that I've done the set up correctly).  Hopefully the emails will go out later this morning.  For those that follow by email, thank you for your patience.


Julie in GA said...

It will be such fun to see your butterfly blocks again! I love your plan for the alternate blocks and how you will make it rectangular. Continuing the piecing design into the border really makes it even more special. EQ8 makes planning designs so much easier!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Ohhh What a pretty layout!! THis one will be wonderful!!
and yay!! you found the fabric and! a discount! two wins!!

Barbara said...

Gorgeous layout. Good for you sticking with it until you found something you like.

Sara said...

I love that tiny Irish Chain added in your borders. Yes, more piecing, but OMG!! It will be so worth it. The butterfly blocks are so cute.

The Joyful Quilter said...

The Irish Chain border is an unexpected surprise and works SEW well, Kate!!

Sherrie said...

Very pretty quilt...I like the arrangement you
have looks great! Have a great day!

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

Oooh, I like the blue that you picked out. The little bit of texture will be nice. And while there is more piecing with the layout you chose, it has a lot of movement and will likely come together really quickly if you strip sew. But even with chain piecing as leaders and enders, I think you'll have fun seeing this one come together.

Sharon Kwilter said...

Wow, I love the fancy border on the butterfly design. Definitely worth the effort because it adds so much to the finished design.

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Such a pretty butterfly design and can not wait to see it with the border. It is going to look amazing. Thank you so much also for telling about the issues with Follow it compared to Mail Chimp. I had follow it but changed to mail chimp but I think I will have to go back to follow it. I'm having a lot issues with both. Lol. Happy quilting

MissPat said...

Leave it to you to not be satisfied with a simple border, but the one you've chosen will be much more lively. The post came through fine on The weird thing is I'm still getting emails from Feedburner for blogs that haven't deactivated it. I'm sure those will disappear someday, but we're more than halfway through July (although I guess they didn't specify when in July Feedburner would stop.

Jennifer said...

Great design with lots of piecing to keep you busy (wink, wink), look forward to seeing it come together.

Quiltpiecer said...

Love the pretty butterfly design and the added Irish Chain border is great. It really adds to the design and is well worth the extra effort. Love it.