Saturday, July 24, 2021

Photo Challenge Week 4

 We've hit week 4 of our family photo challenge. We struggled a lot with this week's subject.  

I went literal with my attempt. 

Kate: How to Boil Water

I tried to capture the steam over the pan, but our stove top just didn't have the right lighting. So nothing exciting. If you search on pictures of boiling water via Google, there wasn't a whole lot of exciting images there either.  I did try some other things, but they didn't work out so well. I discovered it's hard to pour boiling water while also trying to take a picture of it.  

My Guy decided that "boiling" didn't require the application of heat. 

My Guy: Not all boiling water is boiling

This is from the heavy rains we had last weekend.  It was pretty impressive how big and deep some of those pop up streams were.

The Scientist in Training had a busy week, lots of stuff due on Friday as next week is summer semester finals. I'll update the post if she sends me an image today.  

Update: The SIT is a bit late with last week's photo, but she did manage to capture one. 

Scientist in Training: Vacuum Boil

The SIT is working as a research assistant this summer.  This was one reason why she's late on photos.  This was the end of a 6.5 hour lab session.  

I picked the challenge card for week 5. 

 We did death in week 2, decay should be as interesting. 


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That was a challenging prompt! Cameras don't always capture accurately what our eyes see, like steam, I guess. It's fun to see how you each interpret this differently!

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

i missed the prompt. I don't think I've ever taken a photo of boiling water, and can't think of how to make it interesting either. I will be able to find decay though.

Barbara said...

Your two takes on the prompt are interesting. I think I tried boiling water some time ago, but can’t remember the outcome. Decay is a lot like death. I’m enjoying your photo challenges.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Two very different takes on the prompt, Kate. Looking forward to seeing the SIT's photo, too.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I like the difference in interpretations!!!

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

I like SITs interpretation! I am glad she did this.

Emily @ The Darling Dogwood said...

That's an interesting prompt. I am behind looking at everything but I do enjoy these photo prompts and I love it as a whole family activity.