Friday, July 9, 2021

2021 MidYear Quilty Ambitions Check In

Back in December 2020, Quilting Jet Girl hosted the 2021 Planning Party to give everyone a chance to think about goals for the new year.  Well, 2021 is more than half over and it's time to check in on the progress (or lack thereof) on My 2021 Quilty Ambitions as part of the 2021 MidYear Checkin

2021 Quilty Ambition #1: Finish 8 Quilts in 2021

I'm not doing so hot on this one.  As of July 1st there are only two finishes in 2021. 

My May and June were pretty crappy months at work, so I didn't get much done in the sewing room. That's disappointing.  But in 2020 there were only 2 quilts finished by 7/1/2020, but there were 7 finished by the end of the year. So there is still hope to meet this goal.  

The other part of this goal is to play along with Quilting Gail's PHD in 2021.  

The biggest achievement here is that there are no new projects started so far this year. That will change, but limiting the new starts will help me focus on finishing off the older projects.  

2021 Quilty Ambition #2: Stay Focused

To move quilts to finished, I have to stay focused on just a few projects.  What's worked for me on that front is to limit my weekly to do list to just 3 projects.  If I'm trying to finish up a quilt, I'll let the number of focus projects increase to 4. There are 3 focus projects at the moment.  

Beginning of the year to end of June progress on
Unity (Bonnie Hunter), Morewood Mystery (Meadow Mist Designs),
Cabins and Fans (self designed)

Unity, Morewood Mystery, and Cabin and Fans are the current focus projects.  Morewood Mystery should go out for quilting this month and I'm hoping to have Cabins and Fans ready to go out next month.  Unity has been my leaders and enders project. I'm hoping it's ready to be finished up in September. That will get me to five finishes for the year. 

2021 Quilty Ambition #3: Continue to Host the 15 Minutes to Stitch Linky Party 

As of week 27, there have been 26 weekly 15 Minute to Stitch linky parties. I only missed week 14 (due to work trauma, it's been a bad year on that front).  At the end of June, my success rate at finding 15 minutes to stitch was 85.64%.   My goal is to stitch 85% of the days this year, so I'm on track with this goal.  

Not a bad first half of the year, but I'm hoping for better the second half.  Linking up with Quilting Jet Girl's 2021 Midyear Checkin.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

considering you work full time outside of the home I think you get done with a lot

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I think you are doing amazing!
and those quilts are not easy ones!

Nann said...

Quilty Ambitions has a pleasant, softer tone than "goals." And you're doing well! The cabins and fans design is awesome. Keep plugging away! We'll cheer you on.

dq said...

Your year has been a great success thus far! That fan quilt is AMAZING!
It is fun to see your progress reports. I may have to check in on mine. You truly inspire me and keep me rolling along.

DawnyK said...

Kate, you have been so focused and successful. Well done. Great first half of 2021!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Sara said...

Think QUALITY over quantity! The finishes and the projects in progress are all beautiful.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I hope that work in the second half of the year is much less stressful. And I'm so glad you were still able to stitch as much as you have in the first half to balance it all out.

Melanie said...

The work trauma sounds horrible and I hope you are better! The actual progress info sounds very promising to me. And I love your beginning of the year to current collage. Good luck for the rest of the year and I hope you finish your goals! xo Melanie

Danice G said...

Very impressive and beautiful work. And so much!

QuiltGranma said...

Be happy that you ARE making progress, even if it isn't a lot it does get things done.

Jennifer said...

Good progress to show but how can the year be halfway over already? I really like how your fans are coming together!