Tuesday, March 16, 2021

To Do Tuesday for 03/16/2021

This week is normally spring break for us, but the Scientist in Training's college decided not to give the kids spring break this year  to avoid a spike in cases.  This wasn't a really popular decision, but an understandable one.  Last year the college told the kids to stay out for 2 weeks, then moved everything on line after that. Thursday will mark the year anniversary of when My Guy and I were told to start working from home.  It's been a very hard year for many. We've been blessed to keep our jobs through out.  Hopefully within a few months, a new normal that's really close to the old normal will be possible.  

In the spirit of making the best of things, it has been a good year in the sewing room.  To Do Tuesday hosted by ChrisKnits has kept me focused on moving a number of projects along.  It was another productive week. 

Weekly to Do List for 03/09/2021
  • Grassy Creek: Add remaining borders
  • Morewood Mystery: Make more block B's 
  • Unity: Make HSTs for clue 6 as leader and ender 
Three out of three is a good week.  I'm really ready to add something new to the list.  If I can hold off on starting something new for another couple of weeks, two projects will be really close to a finish. 

Weekly To Do List for 03/16/2021

Grassy Creek:  Make backing.

 The floral print had already been selected for the backing. The borders added just enough to the size that I'll need a bit of something else to get the backing big enough  The gold stripe has been in my stash for a long time. I really love the color, but every time I've pulled it for a project, it never seems to work out. So maybe it's just intended to be part of a quilt back.  I need to work out how these two will be stitched together into the backing before cutting anything.  

Morewood Mystery: Finish B blocks, start assembly

Morewood Mystery by Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs

Just three more block B's to make.  Morewood will become the focus project once Grassy Creek is ready to send out for quilting. It shouldn't take too long it get it assembled.  I'm probably going to add borders, so I need to figure that out in the near future. 

Unity: Make Step 6 HSTs as leaders and enders

Unity, 2020 Bonnie Hunter Sew-In-Place Quilt Along

Just one block needed for the second step 7 border.  Slow progress, but that's better than no progress.  

That's my list for this week. Good luck with your own to do's this week.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I can understand the no spring break - what is going on in Florida right now is crazy! here in my state the case numbers have been going down so much it is so nice to know it is almost out of here and then seeing Florida I wonder how many of kids in my state went there and will be bringing it home again and what will the surge be in two weeks time!

Kathy S. said...

Lots of great progress. I too have some loved fabrics in my stash that just don't make the fronts of quilts. That's okay. We need a star on the back sometimes too.

Barbara said...

The floral fabric for your quilt back is so pretty. Love that. I don’t know why, but I thought you were finished with Unity. I’ve never done a leaders and enders project, but I saw one I’d saved in Dropbox the other night, and it gave me an idea to try doing it that way. Maybe I’ll start one.

Sara said...

Such pretty blocks to almost finish those projects. Great job! It has been a pretty good year for sewing, but like everyone else I'm ready for more "normal" to return. I actually ate in a restaurant with a friend once last week. But it wasn't crowded and the staff were all masked, which surprised us here in SD. Most of the diners were masked too except while eating.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Best of luck on sticking with these current projects, Kate. You SEW don't want to cave to the lure of the "Oh, shiny!" with two quilts nearly ready for a trip to Trudy's, do you?

piecefulwendy said...

I am always impressed with your methodical approach to finishing your projects. It inspires me to be a bit more thoughtful to the finishing process. You've had a great week, and I'm sure you'll continue to make good progress!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

You have had a productive week, Kate! I think that gold stripe combined with the pretty floral will make a great backing for Grassy Creek. You're getting close on that one, for sure!

MissPat said...

That gold stripey fabric is a perfect match for the gold daisy-like flowers in the print. You're doing really well at staying on task and getting this projects done.

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

I love both of them!!!!!

chrisknits said...

Looks like many things are coming to a close! Thanks for linking up!

Marti said...

Morewood Mystery is looking great!

Sorry SIT doesn't get a spring break. I hope the profs take it easy on them this week though. College is stressful and that break is needed for a mental recharge as much as anything.

Bonnie said...

Many of us have a lot to be thankful for even considering the pandemic. Look at you making continuous progress on your 3 projects. I hope you can keep the forward motion going. Sorry SIT doesn’t get a spring break — unfortunately it does make some sense.

Linda said...

Such pretty mystery blocks on your wall Kate! And I really like that gold stripe with the floral fabric for your backing. Have a great weekend!

Scrapatches said...

I like the fabrics for finishing your Grassy Creek. The Meadow Mystery is very pretty. I never started this project. I am enjoying seeing all the quilts in the making. I love the colors in the Sew-In-Place Along. Very spring-like ... :) Pat

dq said...

Morewood Mysteryand Unity keep coming along. They grow a little each week and before you know it, they will be done.