Monday, April 22, 2019

Weekend Stitching: Just Bits and Pieces

I'd really like a do over for last week, in just about every possible way. Upsetting things going on at work last week involving some long time and well liked co-workers.  The Scientist in Training received some very unexpected and significantly bad news over the weekend concerning her job. Plus the respiratory crud I caught on my business trip was still making me pretty miserable.  Thankfully I felt much better yesterday and was able to sleep without a dose of Benadryl before bed last night.  Hopefully that means the crud is fading fast. That should make it easier to cope with the ramifications of last week as we navigate this week.  

Consequently there wasn't a lot of stitching going on last week.  I was hoping to finish off the Christmas Mystery quilt, but didn't quite finish stitching down the binding.  That should happen this week. 

The only other visible progress was on the Storm at Sea project. 

A few more of the blue diamond blocks were added to the design wall.  The pattern is starting to show up much better with those additions.  I'm hoping to make a start on the purple blocks this week, as well as make some more progress on the dark blue diamonds.  

The one bright spot this week was the beautiful weather.  We took a stroll in one of the local botanical gardens with the cameras.  It's definitely spring. 

I loved the blue flowers. The moths were also out and about enjoying the floral bounty. 

I've got more floral pretties, but it's time for work so that's it for me this week.  Linking up with the typical Monday show and tells.  

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Barbara said...

Well I’m sorry for the terrible week. Hopefully the path will smooth out this week. Your quilt is looking good. Kind of makes me want to try that pattern.

Churn Dash said...

I'm sorry you had a bad week. It's no fun to be ill.
I do love your storm at sea. I bought fabric to make a storm at sea one holiday. Then I decided that it might not be a good idea because we were going to the beach for our holiday! It's been at the back of mind ever since.


Bonnie said...

Let's hear it for a new week. May the ick of last week fade in the distance.... hopefully. Your storm at sea is looking fabulous. Hope you get to spend more time in the studio blissing out on quilting.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Last week doesn't sound good at all - hope this week is much better! Hope you will get some fabric and stitching therapy this week!

Louise said...

Here's hoping for a MUCH better week for you!

Quilter Kathy said...

Sorry about the terrible week. You need some recovery stitching time... I vote to call in "sick" for a day and relax at home while you stitch yourself back together!
The Storm is coming along beautifully!

Sandra Walker said...

Always good that Mama Nature can help to assuage the blahs of real life. I have them right now too, big time. I also have a virus which I think may be what your respiratory crud is as it's nasty and hangs on for well, start of 4th week is where my husband is and I'm in week 2...not strep, got tested, just a bad virus going around.

Alycia said...

Poof! Its a do over... did it work?? I am so sorry about your week! That's really hard to have so much happen at one time - hugs and here's to a happier week!

Celine said...

Hope this week is better for you! Your storm at sea is beautiful. Visiting from Monday Makers

AnnieO said...

Glad you're feeling better--your photos from the gardens look beautiful. We're having some foggy mornings but sunshine in the afternoons just now. Hoping that lasts until summer proper--the heat can wait.

Your design wall quilt looks very sharp--great colors.

Preeti said...

Love love love the Storm at Sea. Someday in the distant future, I will attempt it :-)